Take Me Inside

It was that time of the year again when our Instagram feeds are flooded with models, over the top street style, close ups of makeup looks, celebrities and big name influencers attending some of the hottest parties in New York, and slow-mos of runway shows. If New York Fashion Week didn’t come to mind, then either you live under a rock or you are completely insane. It is one of the biggest events that happen every year, twice a year.

As an all-around fashion enthusiast, I look forward to these events every year for inspiration and to see what trends we all will be wearing in the coming year. Since I cannot be there in person (hello! School.. sigh), I try to keep up with so many media platforms as possible. It gets overwhelming, but it all fascinates me. From the 10 different outfit changes a blogger goes through a day right down to the detail on the shoes Alexander Wang has his models wearing, I love it all and I hope to work for a fashion label one day as a PR rep.

There is so much that goes on in fashion, no one knows how or where to start. For most of us, once we finally get an invite to one of the NYFW shows we probably feel like we’re officially “in,” but once you’re “in,” sitting in the front row officially means that you are a somebody in the industry. Who wouldn’t want to be recognized? This is where all the top influencers, celebrities, journalists, editors and important fashion people sit. Who wouldn’t want to be in between the Queen of Fashion, Anna Wintour, and Beyonce? Amy Odwell, an editor for The Cut, knows what it feels like to go from not knowing anything about fashion to working for the Style section of the magazine and working her way towards a seat in the front row.

Amy Odell doesn’t jump around what’s it’s like working in fashion, just goes straight and digs in to tell us about her experiences while holding out a ‘CAUTION- Please walk before you run’ type of sign. She describes what it’s like to work with social influencers, editors, journalists and pretty much everyone that influences the market and industry. She even put herself up for a challenge to dress street stylish for a day during NYFW to understand what it’s like to be in these individual’s shoes. It is an outsider’s look on an industry that most of us would love to live in.

Tales From The Back Row’ was such a good book that will make you LOL about her experiences of being interviewed by Anna Wintour to that one time she purchased trend-worthy sweatpants while she was shopping high. It gives some helpful advice about what gets people talking about fashion and how it feels to be an outsider working her way into an ever-changing  industry. I give it a two thumbs up.


Cali :*


Piece Of Mind

It’s February!! Which means we’re not only in the greatest month ever (because it contains Zoe’s and my birthday), but it means that we’re one month in of conquering our goals and resolutions that we set at the beginning of the year. Of course, for me, I think resolutions are so cliche, but I did have a goal to focus on myself more and fulfill a healthy lifestyle.

After living in Austin for more than a year, I’ve gotten in the routine of making time to work out everyday. Whether you’re on campus at UT, passing by the trail on the lake or maybe just walking around Downtown Austin, you see so many people jogging around the city or walking their way to their scheduled Barre or Spin class.

There are literally so many locations that consist of working out it’s hard NOT to fit it into your daily routine. They even offer free.. Wait, yes I’m not joking.. FREE classes with instructors that offer their time to give back to the community, like yoga on the rooftop at Whole Foods.


Austin is just that awesome. I’m not telling you to pack your bags and get book a U-Haul to move all your stuff to Central Texas. I’m just saying that with a little motivation from your surroundings, you can get in the groove of getting fit.

This week, I wanted to share my playlist that’s been getting me up in the mornings and helping me through my cardio sesh. Waking up at 7 a.m. to head to the gym is hard, but these songs sure know how to wake me up.

WARNING: This playlist contains a lot of rap music, but that doesn’t mean I am a lowkey thug.




Training for a marathon,

Cali :*



No girl cannot disagree that they have stolen their boyfriend’s or a guy’s clothes only to wear it themselves. It releases an ounce of satisfaction knowing we can totally pull off their big tee or long-sleeve. Even so, the baggy and oversized look seems like it’s more in-trend than ever. Men’s fashion seems so settle, yet it can make them look so good. Plaid, trousers, the white tees- it almost sounds like a modern 50’s movie!

When Zoe came back from California after experiencing the festival Beach Goth, she saw so many girls pulling off the inspired men’s look. It was almost as if once she told me about the look, I started to see so many girls on Instagram and Pinterest tie in their unique style with baggy trousers, oversized blazers and button up shirts. We thought maybe we’d pull a spin on the look and add in some of our own style. After all, if he can do it, then WOMEN can do it better!

Zoe’s trousers steal the show! It’s a great color to complement the winter days. WIth her edgy style, she included her leather jacket with her many pins to give it more color. A Vans girl can never leave the house without the infamous Sk8-Hi! Zoe knows how to grab a trend and make it her own and that’s one of the great things I love about her.


I immediately started pinning the laidback look only to find that I was inspired more by the business casual look. I love high waisted pants so when I found these trousers, I was so excited! I paired it with a white button up I had in my closet from when I needed it for my band concerts in middle school LOL. I am obsessed with these white sneaks, I left it to my shoes to complete my outfit.

We love capturing locations of El Paso that really contribute to the beauty of our city. H&H Car Wash has been here for more than 50 years and we felt like it would be the best way to highlight some of the hold-in-the-wall places in El Paso people may not know or have forgotten about. The restaurant consisted of bright blue and orange colors with newspaper articles that featured the restaurant. It had this warm feeling with great service making you feel as if you were home. We cannot forget the menudo-- it’s a must-have!

With fast fashion becoming a thing since the rise of social media, what are some of your favorite trends this season? What more do you want to see from our fashion posts? We’re always open to hear what our readers want to see from us! Let us know in the comments below.

With love,

Cali <3

Never Not Working

New year, new people to be inspired by! When the year begins, we all start to create goals we aim to achieve and build mood boards to help us stay on track to accomplish these goals. For us, we also are very goal driven and we always stay inspired to work hard in anything and everything we do. 

In our post Oh, Pretty Women post, we talked about women who inspire us in our everyday wardrobe. This time we decided to change it up and talk about the women that motivate us to become the ultimate girl boss we aspire to be. These women have changed the game through music, events, media and fashion. Our favorite part about them is that they make their job look fun. If you don't know who these badass women are, now is the time.

Photo Credit: @yesjulz Instagram

Photo Credit: @yesjulz Instagram

Photo Credit: @yesjulz Instagram

Photo Credit: @yesjulz Instagram

Julz Goddard

The phrase #NeverNotWorking doesn’t fit anyone better than Julz. Only at 26 years old, she has become an influencer for Puma, a publicist, events producer, a host and many more titles that continue to put more work onto her plate. If she never wants the party to end, then neither should the work.

Photo Credit: @clairelladtrill Instagram

Photo Credit: @clairelladtrill Instagram

Photo Credit: @clairelladtrill Instagram

Photo Credit: @clairelladtrill Instagram

Claire Bogle

Claire is someone we look up to as we begin our careers. She is a young innovator and one of the founders of Scoremore, one of the best promotional entities in the country. From when she was a college sophomore till now, she has brought out some of the most coveted rappers ever to her events, such as J. Cole, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar and more. Did we mention she’s Kali Uchis manager?? When you put on events and concerts for a living, work pretty much wouldn’t feel like a job!

Photo Credit: @raissagerona Instagram

Photo Credit: @raissagerona Instagram

Photo Credit: @raissagerona

Photo Credit: @raissagerona

Raissa Gerona (Revolve)

You must see the name Revolve about a thousand and one times in one day on Instagram with pictures full of big name bloggers and celebrities wearing some of the cutest name brand clothing. Thank Raissa Gerona. She has helped the fashion company, Revolve, rise on the social ladder by rounding up the most followed fashion bloggers to help showcase their brands. She’s the genius behind the Revolve’s Marketing and Branding. She definitely knows what makes their target audience tick and someone who knows how to pick the minds of today’s millennials deserve a spot in our book.

Photo Credit: @nicolerichie Instagram

Photo Credit: @nicolerichie Instagram

Photo Credit: @nicolerichie Instagram

Photo Credit: @nicolerichie Instagram

Nicole Richie

Despite her party past, this queen has redeemed herself by becoming creative director of House of Harlow in collaboration with fashion company, Revolve. No matter your past, there is always time to work on your future. Just because she stopped her party girl ways doesn’t mean she still can be the life of the party. Between work and spending time with her family,  she makes sure there is still time to spend with her girl friends. Richie has a gang full of girl bosses that are bound to motivate and inspire her to work hard on fulfilling her dreams.

What are some women that inspire you? Let us know! We love us some girl power. 



Body Music

When the temperatures begin to cool down and December rolls around, it usually calls for one thing… Love. Whether it’s puppy love, family love, true love, friend love or just plain L O V E, it just sets everyone in this gushy feeling, which makes the holiday hell seem less “hell-ish.”

During those nights where you want to anything but leave your house due to the freezing weather, it’s another reminder why all the singles feel lonely during this time of year. A season we also like to call “cuffing season.” Netflix and chill anyone??

Those specific memories we cherish the most are with the people that secure a special place in your heart. In honor of true and temporary love, we made a playlist to help you get into the feels. Sit back, relax and enjoy by the fire. ;)


With so much love,



Fall is here! Which calls for one thing: layering, layering and layering. While the temperatures begin to cool down, we are bringing out the one piece of clothing that fits any type of weather: skirts. Plaid, metallic, patent, leopard print, silk material, it’s so in and we can’t seem to stop pinning these pieces to our Pinterest boards. If we could wear this material everyday, we would.


Don’t you ever just dream of a world where everyone wears leather, lace, patent and metallic? It’s as if the 80s and a biker had a baby. When we were scrolling through Zara, we couldn’t help but gasp at the fact that they were making our dreams come true. Since these pieces can be intimidating, especially during the day, Cali paired the patent skirt with a fuzzy sweater for more of an everyday look. 80s Glamour- we love you!

When we think plaid tennis skirts, we think of American Apparel. The clothes AA models wear is so subtle it’s too good. Since Zoe visited the West Coast for the festival Beach Goth, plaid was def being worn in the coolest ways ever. She paired it with the trending fishnets, basic Hane's crew socks, Vans and finished it off with an old Farrah Fawcett tee that she cut with a random pair of scissors, the messier the better. On the days with cooler temps, trade the plain tee for a cropped sweatshirt and layer it with a cardigan. Super caaasjjj (and so Zoe).

Since we started working with our photographer, Chris Zacherl, the idea of shooting in a laundromat has been in mind since day 1. We love finding gems in this city to show more of what El Paso has to offer and our goal is to always feature them in our photos. Once we walked into this place, it was more than we expected. The mismatched bright colors took us to a 70's dream we long to live.


Only 16 days left till 2017 sets off. So many trends from the past came back and we couldn’t be happier to incorporate them into our everyday wardrobe. All our parents couldn’t help but smile at how their favorite pieces from when they were teens now being worn by their children.

We are so excited for the new year- so many new beginnings and so many new memories to look forward to. It’s almost Sun Eyed Girls one year anniversary and we want to know what you want to see more from us in 2017. Leave us comments below!


Much love,




This trip to Mexico was an experience of a lifetime! I always forget how much I love visiting Mexico. Everything, from the people to the amazing architecture and culture, are breathtaking. Two flights and $6 worth of Mexican candy (das a lot of candy!) later, my boyfriend and I landed in Campeche for a destination wedding for someone near and dear to my heart--Jess, my boss at J. Luxe. Jess and her Fiancé, Sam, were finally tying the knot and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

On our first night there we landed just in time to make it for the rehearsal dinner. The festivities were at Hacienda Puerta Campeche on the terrace of a gorgeous luxury hotel where most of the wedding guests were staying. Surrounded by cascading lights from the enormous trees, we danced and drank the night away to good music, with even better friends.

With the beautiful bride to be, I love her to pieces.

With the beautiful bride to be, I love her to pieces.

Foliage at Hacienda Puerta Campeche

Foliage at Hacienda Puerta Campeche

Pool at Hacienda Puerta Campeche

Pool at Hacienda Puerta Campeche

The next morning we slept in late, and then went out on the town to grab some brunch and explore before it was time to start getting ready for the wedding ceremony. At the little hole-in-the-wall place where we ate, we both had Molletes, freshly squeezed orange juice, and fresh licuados.

Babes and Me

Babes and Me


Molletes con chorizo y narangja de jugo  

Molletes con chorizo y narangja de jugo  



With a full and happy belly we shopped around for a bit where I found a hand woven sun hat for myself, and a hand painted Frida Kahlo fan for my momma at the cutest little shop. Before we headed back to our hotel we ended up sunbathing for a bit by the pool back at Hacienda Puerta Campeche.

This is the cute little store <3

This is the cute little store <3


Noooow, it was time to get ready!

At 5:15pm all the wedding guests boarded shuttles and headed 45 minutes out of the city limits to Uayamon. From the moment we arrived to the Hacienda to the moment we passed out in the shuttles back to our hotel, it was perfection. And that’s an understatement. But the best part of it all was witnessing all these lovely people coming together to show their love and support for an amazing couple. There are no words and there aren’t enough pictures to show you all how beautiful of a celebration it was. I am truly lucky that I got to witness and be apart of it all.







Coming Home

The experience of walking into Stephanie Montes’ studio home can be described as Pinterest-worthy. What’s even better than a home that looks as good as the pictures we're pinning is the fact that she was able to tie in her design workplace. Who would have thought that a sewing machine, mood boards, spreads of her designs sketches and her Spring 2017 clothing line hanging up on the wall would compliment her home so well. (We were completely dying at the fact that her studio home is everything we hope for our living space to be).

Just when we're we started to take in the home decor madness, she began telling us that she not only lived through Paris Fashion Week, but was actually apart of it. We know, our jaws completely dropped also. Working under a designer is not just a goal, but a dream most fashion lovers hope to achieve. After growing up in El Paso, Texas and living in Florida to studying at the University of North Texas and the Paris American Academy School of Fashion Design, her designs are greatly influenced from her heritage within the Spanish culture.

While we drank Topochico (an Austin, Texas must-have), listened to her Spotify playlists featuring artists like Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Leon Bridges while trying on her Spring 2017 line, we talked about her career as a fashion designer. It would be an understatement to say that there is so much to look forward to for S.t.e.f. Clothing because her Spring collection is so comfy, cute and easy to wear. Even her Beagle, Lucy, approves!

Q. Tell the Sun Eyed Girls all about yourself.

I am the Founder + Designer of the Austin based ethically made clothing + accessories line s.t.e.f. 

Q. What was your first job?

My first official fashion design job was as an Assistant Designer at White House / Black Market Headquarters in Florida.

Q. Where/what inspired your latest SS17 collection?

Earlier this year, I revisited Paris, France where I had studied haute couture fashion sewing and construction techniques at the Paris American Academy in 2009. I was reminded of the long history of fashion that is engrained in French culture. From Paris, I traveled to Barcelona, Spain. It was during this portion of my travels that I was truly inspired by the work of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.

Upon visiting several of Gaudí's well known monuments such as Sagrada Família along with Park Güell, I was drawn to the ornamental decor that was a recurring theme throughout each of his works called Trencadís, a type of mosaic created from broken tile shards and waste ceramic pieces.

As a designer, I integrate remnant materials into my own collection in order to eliminate the waste created throughout the production process; so the Trencadís technique really stood out to me. With mosaic in mind, I hand-sketched several shapes on paper, then scanned/digitized them in illustrator andbegan to lay out the shapes in a mosaic like pattern. This turned into our newest print which can be viewed in our SS17 look-book.

Speaking of Paris Fashion Week, we get major FOMO from all the Fashion Month goodness, tell us what it was like to assist designers for Paris Fashion Week? Any advice for the fashion junkies on attending a Fashion Week in the near future.

SM: Working behind the scenes at Paris Fashion Week was incredible and will remain one of my favorite memories from my time abroad. I met several established designers and helped a few up and coming designers showcase their collections. The venues for each fashion show were spread throughout the city, so I was able to work in many non-conventional locations along with several notable ones. 

Elie Saab's couture collection showed where Chanel's past collection had been displayed, and although there was some criticism as to the themes being too similar, Elie Saab’s work was very much his own style, and the venue was exquisite.

Another favorite memory from that time was when I had the honor of adding the final touches to a finale wedding gown for one of the fashion shows. Traditionally, a bridal gown is shown at the end of every couture runway show, so it is the last design to be finalized. In the midst of all the chaos, I worked alongside experienced seamstress to help finish the veil for the finale gown.

I hand-sewed next to some extremely talented artisans and watched them remain calm and collect throughout the backstage chaos. This experience taught me the importance of remaining composed no matter what is happening around you. I have never witnessed such discipline in my life and will never forget how deeply inspired I felt in that moment. I kept the sewing needle that I used that day and it serves as a reminder to me to always remain calm in a crisis.

Since most Fashion Weeks tend to be filled with endless events and showcases, the best advice I can give to anyone interested in attending is to choose runway shows that are showcasing designers you are interested in learning more about. You may even have a chance to meet the designer after the runway show and place an order on a design that you liked. Most designers are happy to accommodate orders and appreciate the support, I know I do! 

You might even be able to shop the runway looks that you liked by scheduling a studio visit with the designer. Most of the designs that are shown in runway shows are a season ahead, so the designs you see on the runway are samples from upcoming collections. The designer may even offer you the garment you like at a sample sale or wholesale price. Attending Fashion Week allows you to support small businesses, shop locally and meet some truly talented people.

Has there been a pivotal moment in your life where you felt like fashion was truly your passion?

SM: Yes, but that moment happened at a very early age for me. I learned how to sew at a young age and loved to modify and alter clothing from thrift stores. In high school, I participated in student fashion design shows every year and learned how much I loved creating my own designs. It was after showing my designs to an audience at my senior fashion show, and having my work well received, that I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life.

Out of all the jewelry, clothing and handbags, what is your most favorite to design?

SM: It's hard to pick a favorite since both the clothing and accessories are really fun to design. However, the accessories designs are much easier to take from concept to creation and can be produced in a shorter amount of time. This is a fun process which leads to much faster results.

For clothing, the patterns need to be finalized and the fit of the garments corrected before being put into production where the designs are then graded to different sizes. The timeline is much longer and seeing my creation come to life takes several weeks, but there is definitely a sense of accomplishment when I finally get to see the designs on display in local boutiques!

For the days when you feel uninspired or unmotivated, what do you do to take a break your creative rut?

SM: For creatives, taking time away from work can be just as important as the work itself. For me, it's essential to step outside of my design studio and explore the works of artists who bring me inspiration. One of my favorite ways to discover new and local artists is by attending East Austin Studio Tour, an annual event that takes place right in my neighborhood.

By viewing the works of other artists and designers, I am introduced to new and different techniques I may have never thought if using. Of course, these ideas serve as a starting point for me, after which they tend to take on a new style when created by my own hands. The end results will always have my own signature look and aesthetic. 

In three words, how would describe s.t.e.f clothing?

SM: Sustainable. Handmade. Luxury.

It takes some time to come up with a solid morning routine, tell us what your typical morning is like.

SM: In a recent interview, I mentioned that the majority of my morning is dominated by emails and that hasn’t changed much. I spend the beginning of each day responding to emails and checking in with our fabric, trims and supply vendors. I monitor our inventory and source the materials necessary to produce each collection. 

I also check in with the local boutiques that carry our line to see how our designs our performing. One of the benefits of being a small batch designer + manufacturer is being able to quickly produce and deliver certain items from our line for local buyers. This allows boutiques to only order what they need, while allowing us to test out which designs work, and which don’t. We love receiving re-orders from our wholesale buyers since thishelps to inform us of which designs are performing well.

What’s next for s.t.e.f. clothing?

SM: I’m glad you asked! It just so happens that we recently changed our domain name from www.stefclothing.com to www.shopstef.com This change was done to reflect the brand name more clearly and to also show that our line offerings extend to more than just clothing. For a long time, we were known as s.t.e.f. clothing, but our brand name is actually just s.t.e.f.

We also modified our social media handles to reflect the same. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook @shopstef

Our goal for the future is to curate our line to offer an even more minimal and well-made collection of clothing and accessories. We will also continue nurturing our relationships with local boutiques along with our client base. Building trust in our brand is and will remain our top priority.

With our Fall semester coming to an end, WE. ARE. BACK. and ready to release some more Sun Eyed Girls content. Look out for what we have up our sleeves for the holiday season! For now, let us know what you want to see from us in 2017. :-)

StuDYING for finals,


True Disaster

The Drums, Gucci Mane, and Justice... OH MY! Who would’ve ever guessed that these three artists would ever be on the same lineup. The weeks leading up to Beach Goth I kept repeating and repeating that Beach Goth had the best festival lineup all year, hands down, including acts such as: The Drums, Grimes, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Kali Uchis, Future Islands, and Ugly God. I even claimed Beach Goth’s lineup was better than any recent Coachella lineup. The best part of it all was that a 2-day GA ticket was only $150 (plus fees), compared to a $400 Coachella ticket. It was such a bargain!! I guess after being a pretty active festival-goer I had really high expectations for Beach Goth, especially since the lineup was so amaaaze. To my disappointment, it was everything no one hoped it to be.

From the moment my boyfriend and I set foot into the shopping complex (????) where the festival footprint was laid out, I should’ve known it was going to be all downhill from there. Maybe I’ve become a little too bougie since my Warped Tour days but there wasn’t a single thing--besides the amazing artists I got to see perform--that I liked about the festival. OKAY, maybe the elote I ate on day 2 was pretty great but it wasn’t enough to save my entire experience.

Let me paint you a picture… The moment you set foot through the endless security lines the first thing you were greeted by were PORT-A-POTTIES YAAAAAAY!!! Who’s bright idea was this? It doesn’t matter the occasion or event, no human wants to see portable bathrooms as the first thing they see when they walk through an entrance. Soon after we got through the sea of people trying to use the restroom there were… VENDORS AND FOOD TRUCKS YAAAAAY!!! Not so attractive either. Finally we got to a large crowd only to figure out that it was a crowd for Patti Smith hundreds and hundreds of yards away. There were so many people pushing and shoving we didn’t even notice that there was a stage behind it all. There weren’t any signs for anything to guide us in the right direction. Such a terrible atmosphere for what was suppose to be a fun time. Now I know why we only paid $150 for a ticket…

Shortly after our arrival, we began to look for a good spot to catch King Krule. We somehow discovered that if you got into the Beer Gardens you could get pretty close to the stage compared to all the minors in the general admission crowd, but as someone who has a little experience with event production I didn’t really see a difference between the Beer Garden access and VIP. From a consumer standpoint VIPers were ripped off. As for Bon Iver we were lucky enough to sneak onto the handicap risers somehow to watch the performance with a perfect view, we were super lucky because at King Krule’s performance I watched the back of somebody’s neck for a good 30-35 minutes.

I wasn't allowed to take my camera into the fest because it has detachable lense waaaaahhhh! But here's a couple of pics that I took at Newport beach in the O.C. 

I wasn't allowed to take my camera into the fest because it has detachable lense waaaaahhhh! But here's a couple of pics that I took at Newport beach in the O.C. 

Appreciation post for my boyfriend who does more for Sun Eye Girls than you guys will ever know! <3

Appreciation post for my boyfriend who does more for Sun Eye Girls than you guys will ever know! <3

On day 2 we pulled our Beer Garden trick once again for Kali Uchis and Gucci Mane. We had the perfect spot in what felt like a VIP atmosphere- it couldn’t have gone better. I was finally starting to let loose and enjoy myself. Towards the end of Gucci Mane’s set it started to drizzle a little, which was nice until it started to poooooouuuurrr. It poured and poured and poured and poured and poured some more. The one weekend I go to Cali their eternal drought decides to let up. I got soaked, everyone else got soaked, and all the stage equipment got soaked. It was a hot mess. Everyone (including myself) were flocking to the merch tent looking to buy anything to stay warm and dry.

At some point during the day a legit river formed IN THE MIDDLE of the festival!!! Some future civil engineers (not really) built a bridge over the Beach Goth River with random wood planks and cardboard boxes. The rain wouldn’t have been as big of a deal if it didn’t ruin the live music, but it did… We didn’t get to see Grimes or The Drums due to safety and damaged equipment reasons. The Drums did end up playing on an indoor stage but there was no chance in hell my boyfriend and I were going to get into the venue before they went on. Pushing through the line to get in was a total fire hazard too. Fortunately, we did get to see Justice perform but sadly the quality of the performance was poor because of a water damaged soundboard.

In my eyes it all came down to poor planning, communication, and proactiveness.

I’ve concluded in my head that the star-studded, hipster lineup didn’t match the standards of the production of such a large event. The best time I had all weekend at the festival was the 20 minutes we spent waiting at a food truck just people watching (literally my favorite thing to do, tbh). Why is everyone in California so much cooler than everyone else?!?!?! I took so many mental notes for fashion inspiration. I can’t wait to share them with you guys as we round out our first year of the blog. It’s all about owning your quirkiness, basically. It could literally be the ugliest outfit you’ve ever seen but once you own it with confidence your outfit becomes apart of you.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the person makes the outfit, not the other way around. So if you wanna wear high waters with white socks like Steve Urkel, OWN DAT LOOK HUNNEYY! We’re going to love you no matter what!


Next festival: SXSW 2017 w/ Cali <333333


See ya boos later,



P.S. Kali Uchis performance was everything I could’ve asked for in a 30 min set. She danced her lil booty off the entire time and did a cover of Suavemente. All the girls in the crowd were screaming and crying for Kali. T’was lit.

Best One

The year is 2008 and I’m in the 8th grade. My best friend at the time introduces to me to Kings of Leon and I’m forever a changed person.

It’s crazy how one band can change someone just with their music, but this is essentially my favorite characteristic of it all. I think we underestimate how influential one song or one album can be to certain stage in our lives. When I first heard Kings of Leon they sounded like everything that I loved about the good ol’ Rock n’ Roll my momma raised me on, BUT they were modern, cool, and could totally rock the 70’s rockstar vibe when everyone was into being a “scene kid.” The Kings of Leon’s latest full length album, WALLS, is the exact opposite of everything I loved about them. My heart is broken. Their commercial breakthrough album, Only By the Night was a good album in the sense that it was radio-worthy and could still appeal to their indie-rock roots. From there it was all downhill. Come Around Sundown: meh, a disappointment. Mechanical Bull: mediocre, at best, but more true to their original sound. WALLS is just a continuation of a corporate, sell-out sound that not even the radio is going to dig. But I guess that’s just what happens when you decide to get married, have kids, and settle down.

I had pre-ordered WALLS, so as they released singles the songs would instantly download in my iTunes library, I was hyped. Sadly, I wasn’t totally in love with, “Waste a Moment” or “Around the World,” --they were whatever--but I was willing to wait and judge it until the entire album was released. I’m a firm believer in judging an album in its entirety. I was genuinely stoked about WALLS in hopes that KOL could make a comeback but now that I’ve listened to it in my ritualistic form of judging new releases, it’s safe to say that I got my hopes up for no reason. I can’t even tell you if I have a favorite song, because I don’t.

Still hopeful,


SXSW. My oh my have I had the best memories during this event every year. It is something I ultimately look forward to. For those who have no idea what SXSW means or what it even stands for, it is not another word us millennials are coming up with. It is a two week film, interactive and music “festival” that welcomes latest technology innovations, music artists and upcoming films.

For music, my personal favorite,  It is THE best event to get ahold of upcoming artists that we need to be paying attention to. The good part is, it's all free! Well.. most of it. You just have to be all ears on where the hottest parties and events will be at. One of the biggest events I attended this year was the Spotify House, this is the event where I fell in love with Mr. Anderson .Paak.

Anderson .Paak, NxWorries, and Knxwledge’s latest album, Yes Lawd!, has been on repeat lately. It is nothing crazy like a Rae Sremmurd album and it is far from a Drake slow love song. Yes Lawd! contains melodies and anthems that are so smooth, you’ll want to play this album every morning. It’s the type of album that guarantees you’ll have a great day. It’s equivalent to the way Frank Ocean makes everyone feel (minus the sad songs). The jazzy beats throughout this Hip Hop/Rap album is what makes this album different.

My favorite songs would have to be “Lyk Dis” and “Fkku”. “Fkku” is hilarious. Even the lyrics say, ”I hope someone comes in your house and pisses all over everything.” Seriously, who says that. But its sweet tone/vibe compliments the lyrics to make it less brutal (LOL). “Lyk Dis” has that old school Hip Hop sound that is worth head bobbing to. Rappers are known for vulgarity, but the way these artists were able to just incorporate the jazzy feel, you can barely even notice what they’re really saying or what you're singing along to. Let's all raise our hands and lighters to this one… unless you rather pass up some good music.


Feeding my soul with music,


P.S. We had to include a pic with Queen B!


The Glory Is in You

The Book Tour

To me Nasty Galaxy is more than just a book. It feels as if Sophia Amoruso had picked all my thoughts, dreams, and inspirations from my brain and placed them into this one huge instagram-worthy book. The vintage photos and ultimate career advice is what made me fall in love from start to finish. It is filled with useful career advice, major wardrobe inspo and sick ass music recommendations to inspire you to live your dream life.

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity of meeting the leading lady herself. In honor of the release of her latest book, she went on a little book tour to connect with some of her fans. Austin, Texas was one of the lucky cities to have the #GirlBoss herself stop by BookPeople for a little Q&A and a book signing.

The whole turnout was nothing but also everything I expected it to be with so many women in the room, eager to meet the author. It was such a cool moment to actually get to hear and see her with my own eyes. I have shopped on the Nasty Gal website, I follow her on Instagram and Snapchat, and I am a religious listener of #Girlboss Radio, so you can only imagine the excitement I went through. She answered questions relating to career advice, her experiences through all the good and harsh times and how Nasty Gal came to be.

Out of all the things she would be doing today if her business didn’t exist, she would be going to art school. It’s so crazy because the one thing I only have on my mind is packing up my bags and hitting the road to an unexpected adventure. From the whole meet-up, the one thing that stuck out to me was to take risks— especially those who want to be entrepreneurs. We all get comfortable in some sort of way that avoids us from going out and evolving into the person we hope to be. It reminded me of why I decided to move to Austin in the first place, which got me back on my feet after a crummy rut I was going through.

Call me crazy, but the book signing was totally worth missing a full day of being at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Living life,


P.S. I still made it out in time to see Kendrick Lamar, so I'm happy!

Re: Stacks

Lapel pins have been an obsession of mine for quite some time now. I think they're the perfect way to display your personality for the whole world to see in such a creative, fun way. It also gives your uniform, all-black ensemble a pop of color and character! The people I follow on Instagram are 85% bloggers and fashionita's, 10% people who design cute lapels and patches, and the remaining 5% are people I actually know. Soooo if anyone needs a recommendation on where to find places to step-up their game just let me know!

I thought starting a collections of pins for my leather jacket was the best way to portray my style but don't be afraid to pin yours on your backpack, jean pockets, denim jackets, and even maybe your purse! Your canvas' for lapels are uimited and that's what makes them so much fun. They're also a cute gift to give to your girlfriends for the upcoming holidays, Galentine's Day, or just because you love 'em. Always spread the loooove. 

These are the pins that describe me best

These are the pins that describe me best

 I found all these little cuties at Pintrill and Coco Lemonade


Never not working, 


Golden Haze

Another successful fashion week is in the books! Eight inch platforms have been carefully packed away and the flashing lights are retired… At least for a few seconds because LFW. Now that it’s all over we’re going to share with you our most favorite runway looks, entire run of shows, and of course what we really live for-- street style. New York fashion weeks are by far the most important because not only do they set the tone for the following fashion weeks to come but the people stomping the streets from show to show will set the trends for the season we will currently be falling into (pun intended).

Now let's get this party started!


Fashion week came, conquered and left my little heart wanting more. There’s something about the shows that take me back to my dancing days- the makeup and hair being adjusted to perfection, getting dressed up in over-the-top outfits, providing a show for all to see and then recapping on the whole performance, or in this case the looks. Of course, my dance performances don’t compare to the jaw-dropping looks made by some of the most coveted designers, but I see why I get excited. This year, I had a tie between two shows that left me in awe.

Photo Courtesy of Vogue.com

Photo Courtesy of Vogue.com

First, Rodarte. As soon as the first model stepped foot on the stage, I was left speechless. All the fur, lace, fringe, studded leather and everything girly in-between had me glued on my screen. I’ll confess my obsession with leather and lace right here, which is another reason why I can’t wait for winter, but the way the outfits complimented all the metallic and floral designs just went together perfectly.

Photo Courtesy of Vogue.com

Photo Courtesy of Vogue.com

Second of all, let’s talk about Marc Jacobs shutting down New York Fashion Week with a BANG. We all know the designer is known to set trends, but this year he just went above and beyond. I fell in love with the set design giving off this street/alley feel with the wet floor and hanging bulbs (talk about major home decor inspo) and it felt like Marc Jacobs organized a fashion-worthy rave. The futuristic vibes of the clothing mixed with a bit of 70’s pieces were insane. Just when you thought the clothes were good enough, the designer included rainbow dreads and giant heels on the models. I loved it all!

Photo Courtesy of SongofStyle

Photo Courtesy of SongofStyle


One of my favorite street looks was by AImee Song from songofstyle. This double the blushing tone collab went perfectly in sync. The neutral color is very simple and easy to dress, but adding on a trench layer of the same color is a whole new situation. The slip dress can be hard to style because it can go dressed up or dressed down. She simply paired the duo with a nude pointed shoe and big, bold earrings. Wearing the same color twice is a bit daring only because we like to wear tones that compliment each other instead of repeating, but by adding a simple tone shoe and dainty earrings, this went perfectly.

Photo Courtesy of Oliva Culpo's Instagram

Photo Courtesy of Oliva Culpo's Instagram

Olivia Culpo is an all around beautiful girl and her classy style matches her cool girl persona. The way she dresses always gets me inspired for some feminine attire. This past week she totally had me obsessed with her sets. They matching floral print on the skirt and the long blazer is something the #GirlBoss inside me has always wanted. It is pure feminine and very playful. The design made the business-casual outfit look no so intimidating. The perfect way complete the look is by adding the infamous and ever so chic pointed-toe pump.

I love fashion week because it gets me so excited to start playing around with my style every coming season. Street style speaks to me because you can be your complete self with an edge. This Fall, splurge on some jewelry because it makes a world of difference with your outfit. Dainty earrings are something I love to wear because sometimes necklaces can take away from an outfit. Pointed-shoe toes, bold prints and a 90’s flare are in for this season, so don’t be afraid if you look too “old school.” You’re doing it right!



At first I had a really hard time getting into fashion week. I’ve been extremely busy lately so I wasn’t paying full attention unless it was something that really caught my eye. I started to get frustrated because I had high expectations and nothing was impressing me. The runway looks and collections, the street style, everything! I wasn’t seeing anything worthy of awe. Then the Coach struck me with their beautifully crafted show.

Me-oh-my did Coach blow me away! I was really impressed especially since I feel like they haven’t been really doing anything creatively innovative for some time now. But this was everything I was looking for! I loved the contrast of femininity and masculinity, a style that I’ve really been into lately. The set design was simple, bu5 powerful. The lighting is something that not many people pay att attention to but it was on point. They executed the concept beautifully which is why I have dubbed it my favorite show of the week.



My favorite individual looks were probably the most instagrammed of the week. Altuzarra’s amazing designs and details were extravagantly beautiful; it made anyone want to rock styles with pineapples and lemons from head-to-toe because why not??? Well, besides Beyoncé, of course. I’m with it.


Photo Courtesy of Vogue snapchat

Photo Courtesy of Vogue snapchat


Now as far as street style goes Kendall and Gigi slayed assss alwaaaays so there’s nothing new there, but my favorite looks all week were some that I spotted on the Vogue Snapchat story:

If you haven't hopped on the 90’s bandwagon just yet there’s no escaping now. 2016 has been fully immersed by the revival, Pokemon is a thing again for god's sake!!! So obviously there were heavy 90’s vibes everywhere, all week with a modern twist. I’m absolutely in love with the t-shirt and cami layering trend, especially with graphic t’s and silk, lace-y cami dresses! Totally easy to copy and try out for yourself. With the temps dropping soon just add an oversized leather or denim jacket and black gloved booties and you’ll look amaaaazzzz’.

Photo courtesy of Vogue snapchat

Photo courtesy of Vogue snapchat



Like I mentioned before, I’ve suuuuper been into clashing the feminine and masculine styles. My boyfriend has been totally cool with me wanting to borrow his clothes too so it’s a win-win! I also love it because I was very tomboy when I was younger, buuuut at the same time I was always down for over-the-top bows and dresses. Now that I’m older and wiser I’ve found my perfect medium and a lot of the recent street styles have reflected it (no one will ever be able to take my Vans away from me!). For the fall pair masculine silhouettes like trousers, boxy t-shirts, and men's sneakers (whether they're tennis shoes or loafers) and put a feminine twist on it with bright colors, statement accessories, or even just little detail that add a feminine style.


Trends come and go, but it’s safe to say that the 90’s are back. We’re a bit sad that New York Fashion Week is over, but it has definitely left us inspired for this upcoming season. We were on the verge of pulling all our hair out because everything seemed a bit overdone. Fall has arrived and we’re so excited to bring back our bombers, beanies, long layers and our favorite booties. London Fashion Week is almost here, who will be watching?

Ciao for now,


The Greatest


Happy Friday, SEG Readers! We hope you’ve had a lovely week filled with little accomplishments towards your dreams, never stop hustling!

 This week we’d like to step-up our music category game and bestow upon you our first ever “New Music Review.” We haven’t exactly come up with a name for this segment so if you’d like give us some suggestions that would be clutch. We kinda don’t know why it’s taken us so long to start something like this but I think this is more of what we had in mind when decided we were going to have a music category. Hope you still love our playlist though!

 We really do love fashion. Fashion bloggers are what inspired us to start this blog (besides beautiful ladies like yourself) but we both feel like music is embedded in our soul. We survive off of music-- CHEESEY WE KNOW!!!

 So now let's kick it up into high gear with our thoughts on EP’s, albums, singles, etc. that have really caught our attention. Whether it’s because we absolutely love it or because we have something profound to say about it.

 Let us know what you think about this new segment and if you really want us to keep doing more stuff like this.


Prima Donna by Vince Staples (Hip Hop/Rap 2016) | Zoe Gemoets

 In the past month or two, Vince Staples adorned the cover the Fader Magazine and I surprisingly took the time to read the cover story. Before this I had only heard him on a recent Kali Uchis single, Only Girl, but other than that I hadn’t really paid attention to him. I learned quite a few things about Vince Staples that really made me respect him as an up and coming artist-- I got that electric feeling you get when you know you’re going to have a new obsession. Needless to say, I was very pleased when I found out a new EP had debuted.

Prima Donna opens with a cathartic-closet-recorded-track that quickly grabs your attention trying to make out the words only to be followed by a sample of an Andre 3000 verse on “ATLiens”, that commands your attention by both the beat and Andre’s message. This is where I should’ve know that this compilation of work was gonna be goooood, but I kept skeptically analyzing like I always do on a new, first listen (I never like songs on the first listen, it usually takes a few tries). The tracks that follow only build off the strong introduction, but “Prima Donna” and “Loco”-- featuring A$AP Rocky--stand out from the rest. For some reason there’s something about the way these songs remind me of N.E.R.D. Might it be the staccato rhythm? So, anyways, if you haven’t already grabbed your hands on this new Vince Staples, I suggest you do.


Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight by Travis Scott (Hip Hop/Rap 2016) | Xyclali Nunez

 Travis Scott is a crazy performer from videos I’ve seen on social media so when I saw that he released a new album, I had to give it a listen. This dude knows how to get the crowd pumped with his insane crowd surfing and by singing from trees. He recently launched a new merch line that not only consists of clothing, but condoms, toothbrushes and ashtrays (Take a look at his merch here). INSANE. Even the fans who had purchased a carbon copy of his new album were able to snag a piece of their choosing from his line for free. I first discovered Travis Scott a long time ago even before his hit song “Antidote.” The intro to the song “Hell of a Night” is what caught my attention. Just when you get into the soft melody it leads you into some Hip Hop goodness. We love an artist who brings something different to the table; something that we’ve never heard before.

 This year is nothing but banger albums being released. Once I gave Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight a listen, I was a bit disappointed. The songs on the album did not compare to the “Hell of a Night” song I first fell in love with. It seems as if his songs are all written for the money. His vocals are something we all admired from Kanye’s 808’s & Heartbreaks. With a Jamaican sound and catchy lyrics, “pick up the phone” featuring Young Thug would have to be the best off of the album, but of course, that’s just my opinion. After going through the album a second time, the songs all sound the same. My hopes are high for his next album to be similar to his early stuff because that’s when he was in his true element. RIP Travis Scott, but let me know your thoughts!




Frustrations + Solutions


After a busy two weeks of moving into my new apartment and getting used to my new school/ work schedule, I can say I’m finally situated. With so much going on around me, I needed a break from being around so many people and all the craziness. Other than my favorite hobby (aka shopping!), I have an enormous amount of love for staying fit and everything cardio. Pilates, CrossFit, Cycling, hiking, Barre, you name it. It’s not so much the feeling during the workout that I love because really... who likes the feeling as if they are dying?? But once you get in the hang of your little workout routine and get that itty bitty ounce of feeling of pure success when you reach the end of your workout, you get hooked. A little encouragement goes a long way.

With Austin’s wide variety of locations to get some cardio and exercise, my favorite would have to be at no cost: running. Why? Because of the trail by my apartment has an endless view. Plus, running to Frank Ocean’s new album Blond makes it even better. Promise you when I say you’ll run forever that you don’t even realize that you are on your 5th mile. This puppy goes on for foreveeeerrrr. Going through a great trail with a lake for a view and a nature setting just makes running feel so effortless (even with the humidity). Everyone in Austin is very friendly and laid back that you’ll even encounter some people that cheer you on as you go and maybe even throw in a high five as you pass.  Remember our first book recommendation, Moody Bitches? It talks about getting an average of 3-4 miles in a week and it suggests that you run in a green environment. The trees and plants help produce oxygen for you to reduce your stress levels and it makes you a little smarter! Seriously if you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing out on loads full of information. This Austin trail is a great way to de-stress and stay fit. I fully encourage everyone to visit this babe of a view once you’re in the city.


If running is not on the top of your list of things to do once you’re in Austin, there are many things to do on the lake like rowing and paddleboarding. Austin is just a fun, outdoorsy city. Austinites live for the sunny days. To end on an encouraging note, I put together a playlist I feel would get you through your workout. Let me know of any locations or other fitness classes I should try in Austin throughout my semester!


Sweating and not complaining,

Cali :)



Back when I was little my Grandma loved to teach me how to hand embroider little floral designs and small illustrations she would draw out for me. I use to have so much fun doing it too, until I got a little older and thought it wasn’t very “cool” to be embroidering random dish towels with my Grandma in my spare time after school. Today, I regret not mastering this skill because it’s become so trendy in the past year or so! Especially when denim brands like GRLFRND started embroidering cute lil custom sayings on their jeans, shorts, and jackets for their VIP customers at their official launch party. If I would’ve just kept practicing I could be making mad bill customizing t-shirts and denim for all my friends! Ooooooh well.

Lucky for me I found the cutest embroidered t-shirts online at Urban Outfitters. They came with different designs and “puny” slogans which only made it that much better. I’ve also started noticing that even since GRLFRND started doing custom embroidery designs on denim other major denim labels started offering the same service on their online stores. I’m all about it! Anything custom and that goes well with my basic, everyday uniform (jeans and plain tee) is A-1 in my book. I’ve come to the conclusion that details are everything in an outfit and embroidery has been my detail of choice.


I think when my schedule starts to clear up I’ll tap into my muscle memory and teach myself how to embroider again. A little DIY for ya!

Rolling solo (since Cali is back at UT and all),


P.S. How was everyone's first week back to school?! I think it’s safe to say Cali and I already want to cry...

Midnight Terrain

You know how denim seems to be a year round staple? It’s one of those pieces that looks good in the winter as it would in the summer. It will always be something we’ll never seem to let go.  Black IS one of those go-to’s. You may not notice it, but it could be the color that you’ve been wearing every single day. Let’s face it, black is our comfort color because it looks good whenever, wherever. Afraid of working out in a color that shows how much we’re really sweating? Wear black. Don’t know what to wear for a girls night out? Wear a little black dress. Don’t know what to wear with your cute new printed booties for the winter? Wear a black turtleneck. Clearly, it has become everyone’s security blanket when it comes to quick or indecisive decisions. But what happens when temperatures rise and the heat begins to kick in?

For those of us who adore head-to-toe black and our closets look like we’d be ready for a funeral STAT, the grunge color doesn’t have to be a hot mess in the summer. It has actually stayed the color of the season. But of course, your black winter staples are not compatible with the killer heat. There are tons of ways to beat the heat and still look good. Let your uniform summer pieces be a little bit more risky and a bit more simple.

IMG_9230 copy.jpg

This summer I came across many bloggers like Dani Song and Natalie Suarez sporting the all black ensemble. We may not live in New York or California, where the heat is probably tolerable and NOT dry, but Zoe and I love to make it work. Think long V and lace bodysuits, crop tops, maxi’s, light dresses and everything summer. I love a good challenge. ;)


From taking in the last bits of El Paso to the talks at Zoe’s house, our summer has come to an end. Thank you for keeping up with Sun Eyed Girls and for inspiring us to do more. This time around leaving will be a bit more difficult because summer felt like a dream. We will be posting more content from both Austin and El Paso so stay tuned!


Hibernating till school starts,

Cali :*

Instant Crush

Ever since the completion of the San Jacinto Plaza project this spring it’s almost as if there’s been a round of adrenaline shot through El Paso Downtown District’s heart. Everything is more vibrant, lively, and exciting. Any day of the week, any hour of the day, there’s always people walking around and taking in our beautiful city and newly remodeled park. Although there are those who have negative things to say about El Paso, we have definitely come a long way and we certainly have a bright future ahead of us. Start to expect greater things from our city.


Our vacay has mostly consisted of us hanging out on summer nights running around the streets of downtown. Yesterday we spent the evening at the Plaza Classic Film Festival enjoying a classic French film, Belle de Jour, directed by Luis Bunuel. Truthfully, we had zero clue about anything related to this film. We just chose it because it sounded entertaining, it was ridiculously affordable, and anything French sounds suuuuppaaaa cute, right? Belle de Jour is basically a French 1960’s version of Fifty Shades of Gray. It was kinda hard to follow sometimes but according to the film buff that introduced the movie, that’s just how French New Wave goes. But overall we enjoyed studying the fashion of all the female roles, and the male lead, played by Jean Sorel, was a total babe. Ten out of ten would agree.

In case you didn’t already know, the Plaza Classic Film Festival was established in 2008 by the El Paso Community Foundation— a project created to honor the Plaza Theatre and bring back movies to its screens. Until this season we had no idea that our own city’s film festival is the largest film festival in the world, with special celebrity attendee’s by the names of Al Pacino and Debbie Reynolds. Apparently people from all over the country come to El Paso to attend the Plaza Classic Film Festival! Learn more about the film festival and it’s impact on EP here and here. You can buy your movie tickets here, but we recommend going early, and getting them at the box office and the festival schedule can be found here.

The fries thooo <3 We were sooooo good that we forgot to snap a pic of the tacos for you, but best believe they were delicious.

The fries thooo <3 We were sooooo good that we forgot to snap a pic of the tacos for you, but best believe they were delicious.


After the film we grabbed some drinks and food at one of our favorite spots, Ode Brewing Co.. It’s not necessarily in the downtown area but it’s close enough of a drive up Mesa and totally worth it. Although you can get some tasty treats at the SJP food court (elote, fresh fruit, cucumber lemonade, Juarez dogs, etc.) and refreshing brews at INTL, Later, Later, or Gray Dog, who could possibly resist $1 tacos and $2 beers?!? Their Poutine fries were actually pretty bomb too. The point is that you should always support local; there’s a lil’ bit of something out there for everyone.

If you guys are interested in the Sun Eyed Girls doing cute, little city guides for both El Paso and Austin, let us know! We’ll make it happen. We’ll cover everything from the best places to grab a beer/wine/cocktails, the best coffee shops, whatever you want us to do we’ll do it. If you’re into it leave your suggestions down below!

Catch ya later,




Little Bit of Feel Good


Eight months into 2016 and we’ve been devastated with the loses of great legends like: David Bowie, John Berry, Glenn Frey, Merle Haggard, Phife Dawg, and most shockingly— PRINCE. It’s been heartbreaking and a lot to handle, especially when their life’s work has meant so much to you and who you are as a person. BUT 2016 has also given us fire on top of fire singles, mixtapes, and albums. So we’re not completely saddened...

This week we’ve recapped for you what we’d like to dub the hottest releases and artists you need to keep on your radar thus far. Especially artists such as Kali Uchis, Kilo Kish, and El Paso’s finest… KHALID. We’re obsessed. The Great Khalid has a bright, bright future and we’re just sitting idling by waiting for him to blow up huge #supportyourlocalhustle. Sooo, baaaasically what we’re telling you is that you need every single one of these tracks in your life; they need to be apart of your soul. We promise to not disappoint. 


Comment below any fire tracks you think we left out!

Savoring every little bit of our vacation,


P.S. We love you very, very much so we're gifting you the link to a SoundCloud playlist of all the instrumentals that were played during Frank Ocean's live stream. It's quite magical, actually. You're welcome. 

All In

With this treacherous, terrible, no good, hot, hot summer heat it’s nearly impossible to wear your hair down— especially if you have long, thick hair. AND! If you live somewhere where it’s unbearably humid until October then there’s no point in even trying to make your hair look decent (cough, Central Texas, cough).

Luckily for us the hair gods have blessed us with the lovely Jen Atkin and she alone has made super sleek, slick low buns a trend. Late for work? No problem. Do a slick low-bun. Going out tonight but too lazy to put any effort into your hair? No problem. Upgrade your low-bun to a low-bun with a twist! Literally.

Then, if you’re up for the task and it’s not toooooo hot, wear you sleek look down and pushed back behind your shoulders. Instant Gigi/Kim/Kendall/Bella/Kourtney/Khloe vibes. It’s the new beach-y wave.

Don’t think you can achieve this look on your own? Here are a couple sources we love that’ll teach you step-by-step to get this season’s trendiest hair:

Wet Hair You Can Wear in Public & A 5-Step Tutorial for the Trend Everyone is Wearing: Slicked Back Hair

So what are your thoughts on this trend? Hate it or love it? We wanna hear what you think!

Until next time,