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With this treacherous, terrible, no good, hot, hot summer heat it’s nearly impossible to wear your hair down— especially if you have long, thick hair. AND! If you live somewhere where it’s unbearably humid until October then there’s no point in even trying to make your hair look decent (cough, Central Texas, cough).

Luckily for us the hair gods have blessed us with the lovely Jen Atkin and she alone has made super sleek, slick low buns a trend. Late for work? No problem. Do a slick low-bun. Going out tonight but too lazy to put any effort into your hair? No problem. Upgrade your low-bun to a low-bun with a twist! Literally.

Then, if you’re up for the task and it’s not toooooo hot, wear you sleek look down and pushed back behind your shoulders. Instant Gigi/Kim/Kendall/Bella/Kourtney/Khloe vibes. It’s the new beach-y wave.

Don’t think you can achieve this look on your own? Here are a couple sources we love that’ll teach you step-by-step to get this season’s trendiest hair:

Wet Hair You Can Wear in Public & A 5-Step Tutorial for the Trend Everyone is Wearing: Slicked Back Hair

So what are your thoughts on this trend? Hate it or love it? We wanna hear what you think!

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