True Disaster

The Drums, Gucci Mane, and Justice... OH MY! Who would’ve ever guessed that these three artists would ever be on the same lineup. The weeks leading up to Beach Goth I kept repeating and repeating that Beach Goth had the best festival lineup all year, hands down, including acts such as: The Drums, Grimes, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Kali Uchis, Future Islands, and Ugly God. I even claimed Beach Goth’s lineup was better than any recent Coachella lineup. The best part of it all was that a 2-day GA ticket was only $150 (plus fees), compared to a $400 Coachella ticket. It was such a bargain!! I guess after being a pretty active festival-goer I had really high expectations for Beach Goth, especially since the lineup was so amaaaze. To my disappointment, it was everything no one hoped it to be.

From the moment my boyfriend and I set foot into the shopping complex (????) where the festival footprint was laid out, I should’ve known it was going to be all downhill from there. Maybe I’ve become a little too bougie since my Warped Tour days but there wasn’t a single thing--besides the amazing artists I got to see perform--that I liked about the festival. OKAY, maybe the elote I ate on day 2 was pretty great but it wasn’t enough to save my entire experience.

Let me paint you a picture… The moment you set foot through the endless security lines the first thing you were greeted by were PORT-A-POTTIES YAAAAAAY!!! Who’s bright idea was this? It doesn’t matter the occasion or event, no human wants to see portable bathrooms as the first thing they see when they walk through an entrance. Soon after we got through the sea of people trying to use the restroom there were… VENDORS AND FOOD TRUCKS YAAAAAY!!! Not so attractive either. Finally we got to a large crowd only to figure out that it was a crowd for Patti Smith hundreds and hundreds of yards away. There were so many people pushing and shoving we didn’t even notice that there was a stage behind it all. There weren’t any signs for anything to guide us in the right direction. Such a terrible atmosphere for what was suppose to be a fun time. Now I know why we only paid $150 for a ticket…

Shortly after our arrival, we began to look for a good spot to catch King Krule. We somehow discovered that if you got into the Beer Gardens you could get pretty close to the stage compared to all the minors in the general admission crowd, but as someone who has a little experience with event production I didn’t really see a difference between the Beer Garden access and VIP. From a consumer standpoint VIPers were ripped off. As for Bon Iver we were lucky enough to sneak onto the handicap risers somehow to watch the performance with a perfect view, we were super lucky because at King Krule’s performance I watched the back of somebody’s neck for a good 30-35 minutes.

I wasn't allowed to take my camera into the fest because it has detachable lense waaaaahhhh! But here's a couple of pics that I took at Newport beach in the O.C. 

I wasn't allowed to take my camera into the fest because it has detachable lense waaaaahhhh! But here's a couple of pics that I took at Newport beach in the O.C. 

Appreciation post for my boyfriend who does more for Sun Eye Girls than you guys will ever know! <3

Appreciation post for my boyfriend who does more for Sun Eye Girls than you guys will ever know! <3

On day 2 we pulled our Beer Garden trick once again for Kali Uchis and Gucci Mane. We had the perfect spot in what felt like a VIP atmosphere- it couldn’t have gone better. I was finally starting to let loose and enjoy myself. Towards the end of Gucci Mane’s set it started to drizzle a little, which was nice until it started to poooooouuuurrr. It poured and poured and poured and poured and poured some more. The one weekend I go to Cali their eternal drought decides to let up. I got soaked, everyone else got soaked, and all the stage equipment got soaked. It was a hot mess. Everyone (including myself) were flocking to the merch tent looking to buy anything to stay warm and dry.

At some point during the day a legit river formed IN THE MIDDLE of the festival!!! Some future civil engineers (not really) built a bridge over the Beach Goth River with random wood planks and cardboard boxes. The rain wouldn’t have been as big of a deal if it didn’t ruin the live music, but it did… We didn’t get to see Grimes or The Drums due to safety and damaged equipment reasons. The Drums did end up playing on an indoor stage but there was no chance in hell my boyfriend and I were going to get into the venue before they went on. Pushing through the line to get in was a total fire hazard too. Fortunately, we did get to see Justice perform but sadly the quality of the performance was poor because of a water damaged soundboard.

In my eyes it all came down to poor planning, communication, and proactiveness.

I’ve concluded in my head that the star-studded, hipster lineup didn’t match the standards of the production of such a large event. The best time I had all weekend at the festival was the 20 minutes we spent waiting at a food truck just people watching (literally my favorite thing to do, tbh). Why is everyone in California so much cooler than everyone else?!?!?! I took so many mental notes for fashion inspiration. I can’t wait to share them with you guys as we round out our first year of the blog. It’s all about owning your quirkiness, basically. It could literally be the ugliest outfit you’ve ever seen but once you own it with confidence your outfit becomes apart of you.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the person makes the outfit, not the other way around. So if you wanna wear high waters with white socks like Steve Urkel, OWN DAT LOOK HUNNEYY! We’re going to love you no matter what!


Next festival: SXSW 2017 w/ Cali <333333


See ya boos later,



P.S. Kali Uchis performance was everything I could’ve asked for in a 30 min set. She danced her lil booty off the entire time and did a cover of Suavemente. All the girls in the crowd were screaming and crying for Kali. T’was lit.