Even if you’re not familiar with the name Farzad Farrokhnia (Farz for short), you’ve definitely seen the playful logo “Mom’s Fresh Juice” labeled on clear, plastic bottles with a bright liquid that just screams, “Try me, you need it!”. These cold press juices are becoming a local favorite and they are only getting better. We’ve all come across the famous Mexican aguas frescas at a local market or the processed fruit smoothies at a convenience store, but these juices are no comparison. With all natural ingredients and organic taste, their juices will leave your taste buds very satisfied. It’s SO good that you’ll finish their juice faster than you can say “Golden Girl” and will leave you reaching for another. From the moment we stepped foot in the store, we were almost positive we were not in El Paso anymore since it gave this organic smoothie vibe from something you'd get straight out of Austin. The MF staff was determined that we walked away with the perfect juice for the day. Farz, the super funny owner who left us bubbling with inspiration on new juice ideas, was kind enough to make us feel at home. With his cool and calm radiating energy, you could tell that he's super excited for this local movement and we're 100% positive you should be too.

With a new location opening soon and so many new flavors to try, everyone who has tried the signature cold presses and those who will be giving these bad boys a taste are in for a very juicy treat. But beyond the amazing and delicious juices that serve as a daily pick me up lies a great story of how the cold presses came about. While we sipped on the juices Farz and Glam, Farz was kind enough to let us in on where to get the best Persian food in El Paso, how he’s debating on going to a Beyonce concert soon and of course, JUICE!


Q: Who are you? Introduce yourself to the Sun Eyed Girls readers, tell us about yourself.

A:My name is Farzad Farrokhnia—full name— I go by Farz. I’m 30-years-old and I’ve had my company for two years now. I love chocolate covered gummy bears and I like to translate songs into Spanish just for fun.

Farz once translated Telephone by Lady Gaga as he drove back home from Austin.

Q:Now tell us ALL about Mom’s Fresh. What inspired you to take the risk to become your own boss

A:What inspired to me to start Mom’s Fresh was that my Mom got sick in the Fall of 2013. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was very, very early so what had happened was that she actually went in for a mammogram in July and they didn’t find anything. So, in August, she was doing a self-exam at home and she found it. As soon as she was diagnosed she started making juices. She would usually make them every once and awhile but then she started making them daily. She would look up ingredients that would help her specifically like: ginger, parsley, etc. for whatever benefits they offered. And every morning she would bring me a smoothie. I was like, “Mom, where are you getting all this energy from!? You don’t look tired, you don’t look sick. You seem pretty fine!” All while she was going through cancer treatment. My mom said she thought it was the juice because it was the only thing that she was doing different. Once she was all totally clear she became our regular cheerleader and still buys juices even though I tell her not to. So, that was the inspiration why I started it [Mom’s Fresh Juice]. Now why I wanted to be my own boss? I have worked for a lot of really shitty bosses. A lot of people who like to take all the credit, but then make you do all the work, and I think that’s really, really bad. I work with a fantastic team. There’s only six of us and we all get along great. We all know how to communicate with each other so we don’t have a lot of problems. I hope I have learned from the mistakes of my previous bosses in making this a good work environment for my employees.


Q:What makes Mom’s Fresh Juice different from any other trendy juicing place?

A:Well, first off, we’re the only official juice shop in West Texas. Anything west of Plano, or something, we’re the only one. When they came in to inspect us they said they had never really inspected a juice shop before. Smoothie bars all the time, but never a cold-pressed juice shop we were the only one. There’s one other but I don’t think they have store front, which is how we started off. There are a lot of cold-pressed juice shops popping up around the country right now and I’ve tried a lot on the west coast and a couple on the east coast, but not very many in between. We’ve had a lot of people come in and tell us that the combination of our flavors are really different than any other one’s that they’ve tried. The texture of our juice is really different. I don’t know why?...That’s just how our recipes are. I don’t what else makes us stand out. I guess that we’re so small, ya know? There’s only five us, we’re super, duper small budget and a small location. Little by little we’re trying to grow and give our city something better than those smoothies that you buy at Starbucks, which are basically all sugar. We’re better than Naked juices, or better than whatever it is. All our ingredients are fresh and we make them here.


Q:Take us through your creative process! How do you create each of your concoctions?

A: So we do things out of necessity, and this one [TLC] is out of necessity. One of our manager’s, Marc, was feeling a little bit sick and his boyfriend had an idea of this thing. It was originally a little two ounce shot, but then we turned it into a full-sized drink— we added black pepper so you can absorb the drink a little bit better. This one Melonade was out of craving. Last summer I went to one of the baseball games and I had an agua fresca. Of course it was all sugar, a ton of water, and a tiny bit of cantaloupe. So I came back to work the next day and asked myself how I could make a Mom’s Fresh version of that. So Melonade is literally cantaloupe, lemon, and some maple syrup. It’s really popular! And then the Farm Girl we made at the Farmer’s Market with ingredients that we could find at the Farmer’s Market. Of course, the Farmer’s Market is only seasonal, so, we were able to make that drink, and we loved it, and we were like, “Man that was just throwing stuff in.” We came back into the store to figure out the recipe so we could sell it for retail. [The process] is a little bit of everything. Plus, sometimes we need a new Green drink, so we had a Green drink contest last fall between all the employees. We got to taste all the green drinks and we ended picking and choosing elements that we liked from each one and made the one that’s now Saved By The Bell.


Q:If you were stranded on an island which juice would you choose to live off of? You can only choose ONE! Why?

A:That’s a really tough one! Let me look at my menu… Ok, it would be a combination of two drinks in one bottle. Does that count? So it would be the Lola (which is carrot, apple, orange, and ginger) and the Almond Milk. If you do half and half it tastes like carrot cake. It’s good! But I figure it has enough nutrients if I’m stranded on an island, right? And it’s creamy, and it’s super delicious, soooo that one!


Q:What's the best advice someone has ever given you that was totally game changing?

A:I feel like— I don’t remember who told me this but— just taking the risk. Don’t be afraid to go balls to the wall, ya know? This whole thing was a huge risk. Thank god it’s kinda working. We’re still building-up a little bit, but DAMN. I started it with maybe $500 and that’s a huge risk. To quit your full-time job and to just go into what you’re passionate about is a big risk, but if you’re dedicated to it, it’ll pay off. I think that’s the best piece of advice I got. I cannot remember who told me, but I think a few friends told me this. It’s pretty common advice.

Q:Now let's have some fun! Who would win in a fight? Blue Ivy or North West?

A:Um, Blue Ivy. Because, I think that North is too much of a princess. I bet everyone does everything for her. But I bet if Blue Ivy had to go out on the streets right now, she’d figure it out. One day Blue is going to run the Illuminati. It is going to happen and we just have to accept it.


Q:If you were an ice cream which flavor would you be?

A:Yes!! I love this one! I have two answers for this one. One is a dirty-ish answer and the other is a cleaner answer. I love Banana Nut because I’m kinda nuts— Banana nut is awesome. But I think I would be cherry-vanilla because I think I’m boring sometimes but every once in awhile you bite into a cherry and you’re like, “Damn, that was good!” That’s kinda like me sometimes. I’m kinda boring but I have a little bit of bite to it.


Q:What’s the last song you were listening to and do you love or hate it?

A:Does this count? (Farz had Lemonade, the film, playing in the background the entire time hahaha) Or do you want to know what I was listening to on my phone? Well, the last song I was listening to was Into You from Ariana Grande and I really, really like it, but there’s two songs that I’m obsessed with right now. One is Alicia Keys’ new song which is so different from what she usually does because she’s not shouting every note. And then Bad Religion from Frank Ocean (PLEASE DROP YOUR NEW ALBUM, FRANK). But I guess the real answer to your question would be Into You. I love it. I think the things she says are kinda cheesey. She says, “A little less conversation, a little more touch my body.” WHO SAYS THAT? Who says that, but Ariana Grande?!


Q:What is one thing that you can't leave your house without everyday?

A:Lip balm… Chapstick… I usually have, like, four different options in my bag and at least one in my pocket, but I forgot my pocket one today.

Farz’s options today: A rose scent Christian Dior lip balm and then a random shea butter lip balm. He also usually has cake batter chapstick from Target with him which he’s absolutely obsessed with.


If you want to start a living a healthier lifestyle, you need to cop some Mom’s Fresh Juice because these juices are major. Your body will love you for it, you have no idea! All the flavors are too die for and they make everything with 100% all natural ingredients. You can find their delicious menu and locations here to see what you're missing out on. 

Because if you don't know, now you know....


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