Best One

The year is 2008 and I’m in the 8th grade. My best friend at the time introduces to me to Kings of Leon and I’m forever a changed person.

It’s crazy how one band can change someone just with their music, but this is essentially my favorite characteristic of it all. I think we underestimate how influential one song or one album can be to certain stage in our lives. When I first heard Kings of Leon they sounded like everything that I loved about the good ol’ Rock n’ Roll my momma raised me on, BUT they were modern, cool, and could totally rock the 70’s rockstar vibe when everyone was into being a “scene kid.” The Kings of Leon’s latest full length album, WALLS, is the exact opposite of everything I loved about them. My heart is broken. Their commercial breakthrough album, Only By the Night was a good album in the sense that it was radio-worthy and could still appeal to their indie-rock roots. From there it was all downhill. Come Around Sundown: meh, a disappointment. Mechanical Bull: mediocre, at best, but more true to their original sound. WALLS is just a continuation of a corporate, sell-out sound that not even the radio is going to dig. But I guess that’s just what happens when you decide to get married, have kids, and settle down.

I had pre-ordered WALLS, so as they released singles the songs would instantly download in my iTunes library, I was hyped. Sadly, I wasn’t totally in love with, “Waste a Moment” or “Around the World,” --they were whatever--but I was willing to wait and judge it until the entire album was released. I’m a firm believer in judging an album in its entirety. I was genuinely stoked about WALLS in hopes that KOL could make a comeback but now that I’ve listened to it in my ritualistic form of judging new releases, it’s safe to say that I got my hopes up for no reason. I can’t even tell you if I have a favorite song, because I don’t.

Still hopeful,


SXSW. My oh my have I had the best memories during this event every year. It is something I ultimately look forward to. For those who have no idea what SXSW means or what it even stands for, it is not another word us millennials are coming up with. It is a two week film, interactive and music “festival” that welcomes latest technology innovations, music artists and upcoming films.

For music, my personal favorite,  It is THE best event to get ahold of upcoming artists that we need to be paying attention to. The good part is, it's all free! Well.. most of it. You just have to be all ears on where the hottest parties and events will be at. One of the biggest events I attended this year was the Spotify House, this is the event where I fell in love with Mr. Anderson .Paak.

Anderson .Paak, NxWorries, and Knxwledge’s latest album, Yes Lawd!, has been on repeat lately. It is nothing crazy like a Rae Sremmurd album and it is far from a Drake slow love song. Yes Lawd! contains melodies and anthems that are so smooth, you’ll want to play this album every morning. It’s the type of album that guarantees you’ll have a great day. It’s equivalent to the way Frank Ocean makes everyone feel (minus the sad songs). The jazzy beats throughout this Hip Hop/Rap album is what makes this album different.

My favorite songs would have to be “Lyk Dis” and “Fkku”. “Fkku” is hilarious. Even the lyrics say, ”I hope someone comes in your house and pisses all over everything.” Seriously, who says that. But its sweet tone/vibe compliments the lyrics to make it less brutal (LOL). “Lyk Dis” has that old school Hip Hop sound that is worth head bobbing to. Rappers are known for vulgarity, but the way these artists were able to just incorporate the jazzy feel, you can barely even notice what they’re really saying or what you're singing along to. Let's all raise our hands and lighters to this one… unless you rather pass up some good music.


Feeding my soul with music,


P.S. We had to include a pic with Queen B!