Fall is here! Which calls for one thing: layering, layering and layering. While the temperatures begin to cool down, we are bringing out the one piece of clothing that fits any type of weather: skirts. Plaid, metallic, patent, leopard print, silk material, it’s so in and we can’t seem to stop pinning these pieces to our Pinterest boards. If we could wear this material everyday, we would.


Don’t you ever just dream of a world where everyone wears leather, lace, patent and metallic? It’s as if the 80s and a biker had a baby. When we were scrolling through Zara, we couldn’t help but gasp at the fact that they were making our dreams come true. Since these pieces can be intimidating, especially during the day, Cali paired the patent skirt with a fuzzy sweater for more of an everyday look. 80s Glamour- we love you!

When we think plaid tennis skirts, we think of American Apparel. The clothes AA models wear is so subtle it’s too good. Since Zoe visited the West Coast for the festival Beach Goth, plaid was def being worn in the coolest ways ever. She paired it with the trending fishnets, basic Hane's crew socks, Vans and finished it off with an old Farrah Fawcett tee that she cut with a random pair of scissors, the messier the better. On the days with cooler temps, trade the plain tee for a cropped sweatshirt and layer it with a cardigan. Super caaasjjj (and so Zoe).

Since we started working with our photographer, Chris Zacherl, the idea of shooting in a laundromat has been in mind since day 1. We love finding gems in this city to show more of what El Paso has to offer and our goal is to always feature them in our photos. Once we walked into this place, it was more than we expected. The mismatched bright colors took us to a 70's dream we long to live.


Only 16 days left till 2017 sets off. So many trends from the past came back and we couldn’t be happier to incorporate them into our everyday wardrobe. All our parents couldn’t help but smile at how their favorite pieces from when they were teens now being worn by their children.

We are so excited for the new year- so many new beginnings and so many new memories to look forward to. It’s almost Sun Eyed Girls one year anniversary and we want to know what you want to see more from us in 2017. Leave us comments below!


Much love,