What is it about music festivals that brings out our inner crazy? We might have seen it all. From pasties to rainbow hair, it is clearly a time to have fun! Of course, getting to rock these crazy aesthetics means stepping out of your comfort zone. TRUST US. Do not be afraid to be yourself. So many times we’ve rocked things we know others would think is weird, and we’ve been told that it looks SO cool!


Plus doing and wearing things you were afraid of wearing can be a great boost in your self-confidence. 


Recently, we’ve been seeing bling come in and we’re not talking about just the bling you wear around your neck or above your eyebrows. We’re talking about wearing it on your brows. Stepping up your eyebrow game to a whole new level. You might have seen Miley Cyrus wear it plenty of times, Gigi Hadid rocking it on the runway, and of course Lady Gaga going all out, but we’re adding a touch of gems to the look. You know, adding in a bit of our flavor. After our friend Ashley had posted on her Snapchat of her blinged out brows, Zoë screenshotted the pic and asked what I thought about the brow look. I thought it was so different and I was totally into it! Sooo, the moment I got into town from Austin after finishing my Spring semester, we spent an afternoon getting our brows done and chit-chatting away at Zoë’s casa! With so many trends coming and going, it's so hard to keep up, but we felt that this could definitely be an achievable festival look, especially with it being festival season. It’s easy to keep your outfit simple, and let all eyes be on your brows.


I hope everyone has an amazing and fun time at Neon because I know for a fact that I always do! It's a fun reason for our community to come together and celebrate the start to summer! Let the sun shine on your face, breathe in the Spring time air, and dance your musical souls out all night long. Make sure you follow SunEyedGirls on Snapchat and Instagram to see our Neon Desert adventures this whole weekend! <3

If you're interested in rocking some blinged out brows, comment below or email us so we can give your Ashley's info! She's so freaking rad.

With so much love,