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In our About Me section, we gave you a little inside scoop as to when & how we met! It all started when we were dancers on our high school dance team. Dancing has been in our blood since we were young, and ever since we graduated we definitely craaaave the need to dance. We miss the tricks, flips, and turns, and we hate to admit it but we also miss the 6:45 am practices…(sighhhh). It will always be apart of us because it’s what makes us happy and feel good about ourselves! Recently, we were able to take some time out of our busy schedules to try something new to stay fit and also keep it “dance” related.

Zoë's Pure Barre work out outfit 

Zoë's Pure Barre work out outfit 


For all our peeps out there looking for more ways to feel good and switch up your workout routine, the answer is: Pure Barre. Pure Barre. PURE BARRE! Think Pilates meets Ballet. This class was amazing! And if you're like us, we LOVE cardio because we are not so much the type of people to head to the gym to lift some weights. This class was perfect for us because we didn't need any heavy duty weights to make our workout intense. We went through a combination of workouts with light weights, a band, and a little medicine ball which was all we needed to keep our muscles engaged throughout the entire workout! We left the place feeling soooo sore (insert muscle flex emoji). It may seem like a sissy workout, but just wait till you try it!

Heading to the gym can be a constant draggg, but stay motivated! Take a friend with you so you don't have to complain alone LOL. It's always fun having a workout partner to keep you company. Find the perfect workout routine or class that you love the most because it is something you definitely will attend and enjoy the most. Don't lose sight of that hot summer bod. You got us to help cheer you on! Most importantly, don't forget to stay hydrated.


Comment below some workouts and classes you encourage us to try! We're always looking for new ways to stay healthy.

Plié-ing our little toosh's away,


Here are some El Paso and Austin locations for Barre classes:

El Paso Location

Pure Barre 

Austin Locations

Barre 3

Bar Method Austin

MOD Fitness