We Got The Beat

Spring Break is officially in full swing! We don’t know about you, buuut Spring Break always brings back the best memories and the best memories always have the best soundtrack. So to get you ready for the Spring Break shenanigans, we created a lil playlist for you to play while you’re laying out by the pool.

We carefully curated a playlist that features artists that will be showing up next week for the SXSW craziness, our personal faves that put us in the perfect spring fever mood, and pretty much just anything we’ve been feeling lately that we think you need to give a listen to. There’s something for everyone** to enjoy!

In the famous words of the wanna be RiFF RAFF from Spring Breakers,




What songs have you been loving lately? Tell us in the comments below! We’re always trying to discover new music to share.

** We in apologize advance to all of our family who reads & support our blog for all the explicit lyrics. Don't hate us! :(




P.S. We dedicate Look At Wrist to our SXSW 2015 crew. We love you guys! <3