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Nothing speaks to my soul more than this new emerging 70’s trend! They're back and better than ever. Bell bottoms, earth tones, and crushed velvet have gotten a facelift and I'm digging it all. Anyone who knows me knows that I love nothing more than a hippie, boho vibe going on so it’s not news that I'm obsessed with this trend. Have you seen Alice + Olivia’s presentation at NYFW?! Dead. Have you checked out the For Love and Lemons’ instagram lately?!? DEAD. I want it all! I'll probably still be in love after the trend fades away, so don't judge me.

Festival season is already in full swing and you can definitely sense all the 70’s vibes that went down in Indio. Vanessa Hudgens, the Queen of Coachella, was all dolled up in Jacquie Aiche layers and a chic moo moo. Vanessa always delivers the best 70’s looks, no doubt.


Speaking of Queens…Queen Bey totally rocks heavy 70’s vibes in her new video, “Hold Up,” from her latest visual album, Lemonade. From her makeup to her accessories, Beyoncé does a modern twist on this trend that I can't seem to get over. Her yellow mustard maxi and perfectly layered ruffles slay my soul. The gold hoop earrings and chunky platform heels are just the cherry on top.

If you want to go for a modern look like Bey you can always do something more along the lines of Cali’s look. But if you're as head over [platform] heels as I am— just go for it! Go all out, shaggy textures, funky colors, and all!


At first it's a little scary trying a new trend as outrageous as my shag-rug-cardigan and super flared bell bottoms, but start off with a little bit of moderation and work your way up from there. Don't give into your self-doubt. I always find that my favorite outfits are the ones that I take the most risk with so just go with your gut— you won't regret it.

Stuck in 1973,


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Our lovely images were shot by ogzacherl! Make sure to check him out; his work is amaaaaazzzzinnggggg.

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