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Louis the Child, Alunageorge, and Future

Louis the Child, Alunageorge, and Future


Every year we look forward to having a blast at the Neon Desert Music Festival, and every year they never let us down. It’s kinda like our way of kicking off our summer vacay! Each year has always been better than the next so we can’t even imagine what NDMF will have in store for us this time around.

In the weeks leading up to the music festival we spend our time texting back and forth planning everything out and talking about who we’re dying to see. Eventually we make a playlist that we share together that way we can prepare our mind, body, and soul for what’s to come. So, this time, we thought we would share with you our ‘lil annual Neon Desert Prep Playlist.

It includes all the artists that you’ll for sure catch us at and all the songs we love from them! We also try to throw in there some artist and songs we’re not really familiar with but we’re so down to see them because you never know what kind of live performance you’re going to experience. We live and die for live music.


See you guys there,


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