Started From The Bottom


First jobs, big interviews, having the gut to ask for a promotion? If this doesn’t make you nervous, I applaud you. When someone asks, “What are you going to do after you graduate?” or “What’s next?”, I usually just shrug my shoulders and say it’s all with good time. Those are the questions most of us hate being asked, especially for us “going with the flow” people who can’t even come up with an answer for the “Where do you want to go eat" question. So annoying! (Ok, I’m done with the quotation marks).

We all just want what's best for us and it's scary when we think about where we’ll be in 10 years or less. I know for a fact that this gives me tiny stomach butterflies just thinking about it only because I overthink about everything aaaand get major anxiety. When I heard that the founders of WhoWhatWear, my faves, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, had written their third book I HAD to get my hands on this. No need to panic any further, Career Code was written to help prepare us for landing the job and how to excel in our careers.


These two extraordinary entrepreneurs have covered everything from preparing for the interview, tips on what to wear for your job, being organized and proactive, and how to stay goal-oriented. Katherine and Hillary have laid out the do’s and don’ts on what to do for when you're starting your career. Throughout their profession, they have gone through trial-and-errors and wrote this book to help us stay well prepared and at least avoid the mistakes they had to live through.


I fell more in love with Hilary’s and Katherine’s work ethic after hearing them talk about how they started their multi-million dollar business at the Create + Cultivate Conference in Dallas, Texas. Thanks to these two women, I don’t know what all of us Nervous Nellies would do without having them..


Always remember if things are meant to be, everything will fall into place. Never underestimate your abilities. Always be nice to everyone you encounter and develop long-lasting friendships with the people you aim to network with. You never know if these people can direct you to your next employer. The most accomplishing thing you can do is to just work your ass off and you’ll go far! :)

Good luck,

Xyclali <3