Drive Me Crazy

So, obviously, fashion is one of my passions and it’s been my primary creative outlet since I quit dancing three years ago. Arranging pieces into cohesive looks is easy for me, really. The challenge has always been accessorizing. I’m not a ring girl because I have skinny alien fingers (I’ll send you a pic for proof), therefore I can never find any cute, trendy rings that fit me— same goes for bracelets. Earrings and necklaces are essentials so that doesn’t even count. I feel like every girl should know their staple, go-to pieces. Like with jeans and a tshirt I’m going to wear X earring with Y necklace or with this sundress I’m going to wear these gold hoops. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

Now let’s talk handbags. This is a different story altogether because you NEED something to carry all your crapola in. We’ve all been carrying one around ever since A) you got your first cell phone and found out real quick that girl jean pockets are not gonna hold your phone without it looking ridiculous or B) you started your period and had to start carrying around your lady things with you. Whichever one came first. From that point on you’ve just been adding random stuff to your collection of stuff deemed a necessity. Oh, and your credits cards but thank god there’s ApplePay for that now. So, my point is that purses are essential and we might as well make a statement with them.


There’s just one handbag trend that I’ve been obsessed with over the course of the past year: unusual, quirky purses that redefine “statement”. They’re crazzzzzzyyyy cute! *heart eyes emoji.* My go-to place to find these quirky purses that are edgy and totally unthinkable are from Skinny Dip London. They have everything you could possibly imagine from space aliens zappers to holographic chinese take-out bags. Totally crazy, right?!? But veeerrry cute.


So on days when your outfit needs a little bit of sprucing up, something like a pink iridescent seashell might bring it up a few notches! Wear it with a Johnny Cash-esque ensemble or pull a beautiful summer-time look together with this final piece. I wore this cute little thing to SXSW last year and so many cute girls complimented me on it. Which was nice because my outfits were definitely drab by day three of walking around in the rain, but my trusty seashell crossbody kept me together.

Whether one of these quirky satchels becomes your everyday staple or you only bust it out every once in awhile, you can’t deny the cuteness overload. Let us know how you feel about them! Is there another place where you like you to find unusual bags? We’d love to hear from you <3

Having fun in the sun,

P.S. There’s also this high-end brand, Gelareh Mizrahi, that I discovered on Instagram. Head over heels for the python red lips! Someone lend me $875 pls.

As always, shout out to ogzacherl for our beautiful photos!