Ridin Round

Denim, denim, double denim. We're here to say the Canadian tuxedo is alive and has come back from the dead. We will never forget the 2001 Britney and Justin all denim look they wore to the American Music Awards (R.I.Please stay in the past). What a time it was to be alive, but we're letting that go and cultivating the look to something less 2001 and more of an It-girl worthy ensemble. This trend may sound horrid, but if you pair the shades accordingly, it may be one of your best summer outfits yet. Everyone is talking about it (we’re looking at you Glamour mag) and more importantly, everyone is wearing it. It’s a super easy all day look and what can we say, it’s super cute!


The double denim look has been surfacing around the interwebs from the most followed bloggers to some of the fashion forward celebrities, like Selena Gomez. Grab your best matching denim and pair it up with some heels for a dressed up casual look or stay laid back with some white sneaks. Take it to another level with embracing the flared jean (so 70’s!) look.


We embraced the double denim look with our personal styles. Zoe took the look with a jaw-dropping long denim dress and a dark lip for a revamped outfit. Cali traded the skinny jean and denim top for a matching denim set to embrace the comfortable trend. These two styles are great for a day out getting things done or enjoying a day off and chit-chatting away with friends. (We did all afternoon long at Hotel Indigo Downtown El Paso).


So, if you’ve been thinking about taking the denim plunge now is the best time to do it! If Katy Perry and Riff Raff took the risk, you should too. Don’t let silly fashion faux pas rules ruin your chance to get creative with your wardrobe. It’s easy, it’s classic, and it’s fun! You can thank us later.

Running around the Sun City,


Shout out to our amaaazing photographer ogzacherl for the photos! Check his site out here!