Instant Crush

Ever since the completion of the San Jacinto Plaza project this spring it’s almost as if there’s been a round of adrenaline shot through El Paso Downtown District’s heart. Everything is more vibrant, lively, and exciting. Any day of the week, any hour of the day, there’s always people walking around and taking in our beautiful city and newly remodeled park. Although there are those who have negative things to say about El Paso, we have definitely come a long way and we certainly have a bright future ahead of us. Start to expect greater things from our city.


Our vacay has mostly consisted of us hanging out on summer nights running around the streets of downtown. Yesterday we spent the evening at the Plaza Classic Film Festival enjoying a classic French film, Belle de Jour, directed by Luis Bunuel. Truthfully, we had zero clue about anything related to this film. We just chose it because it sounded entertaining, it was ridiculously affordable, and anything French sounds suuuuppaaaa cute, right? Belle de Jour is basically a French 1960’s version of Fifty Shades of Gray. It was kinda hard to follow sometimes but according to the film buff that introduced the movie, that’s just how French New Wave goes. But overall we enjoyed studying the fashion of all the female roles, and the male lead, played by Jean Sorel, was a total babe. Ten out of ten would agree.

In case you didn’t already know, the Plaza Classic Film Festival was established in 2008 by the El Paso Community Foundation— a project created to honor the Plaza Theatre and bring back movies to its screens. Until this season we had no idea that our own city’s film festival is the largest film festival in the world, with special celebrity attendee’s by the names of Al Pacino and Debbie Reynolds. Apparently people from all over the country come to El Paso to attend the Plaza Classic Film Festival! Learn more about the film festival and it’s impact on EP here and here. You can buy your movie tickets here, but we recommend going early, and getting them at the box office and the festival schedule can be found here.

The fries thooo <3 We were sooooo good that we forgot to snap a pic of the tacos for you, but best believe they were delicious.

The fries thooo <3 We were sooooo good that we forgot to snap a pic of the tacos for you, but best believe they were delicious.


After the film we grabbed some drinks and food at one of our favorite spots, Ode Brewing Co.. It’s not necessarily in the downtown area but it’s close enough of a drive up Mesa and totally worth it. Although you can get some tasty treats at the SJP food court (elote, fresh fruit, cucumber lemonade, Juarez dogs, etc.) and refreshing brews at INTL, Later, Later, or Gray Dog, who could possibly resist $1 tacos and $2 beers?!? Their Poutine fries were actually pretty bomb too. The point is that you should always support local; there’s a lil’ bit of something out there for everyone.

If you guys are interested in the Sun Eyed Girls doing cute, little city guides for both El Paso and Austin, let us know! We’ll make it happen. We’ll cover everything from the best places to grab a beer/wine/cocktails, the best coffee shops, whatever you want us to do we’ll do it. If you’re into it leave your suggestions down below!

Catch ya later,