Midnight Terrain

You know how denim seems to be a year round staple? It’s one of those pieces that looks good in the winter as it would in the summer. It will always be something we’ll never seem to let go.  Black IS one of those go-to’s. You may not notice it, but it could be the color that you’ve been wearing every single day. Let’s face it, black is our comfort color because it looks good whenever, wherever. Afraid of working out in a color that shows how much we’re really sweating? Wear black. Don’t know what to wear for a girls night out? Wear a little black dress. Don’t know what to wear with your cute new printed booties for the winter? Wear a black turtleneck. Clearly, it has become everyone’s security blanket when it comes to quick or indecisive decisions. But what happens when temperatures rise and the heat begins to kick in?

For those of us who adore head-to-toe black and our closets look like we’d be ready for a funeral STAT, the grunge color doesn’t have to be a hot mess in the summer. It has actually stayed the color of the season. But of course, your black winter staples are not compatible with the killer heat. There are tons of ways to beat the heat and still look good. Let your uniform summer pieces be a little bit more risky and a bit more simple.

IMG_9230 copy.jpg

This summer I came across many bloggers like Dani Song and Natalie Suarez sporting the all black ensemble. We may not live in New York or California, where the heat is probably tolerable and NOT dry, but Zoe and I love to make it work. Think long V and lace bodysuits, crop tops, maxi’s, light dresses and everything summer. I love a good challenge. ;)


From taking in the last bits of El Paso to the talks at Zoe’s house, our summer has come to an end. Thank you for keeping up with Sun Eyed Girls and for inspiring us to do more. This time around leaving will be a bit more difficult because summer felt like a dream. We will be posting more content from both Austin and El Paso so stay tuned!


Hibernating till school starts,

Cali :*