Back when I was little my Grandma loved to teach me how to hand embroider little floral designs and small illustrations she would draw out for me. I use to have so much fun doing it too, until I got a little older and thought it wasn’t very “cool” to be embroidering random dish towels with my Grandma in my spare time after school. Today, I regret not mastering this skill because it’s become so trendy in the past year or so! Especially when denim brands like GRLFRND started embroidering cute lil custom sayings on their jeans, shorts, and jackets for their VIP customers at their official launch party. If I would’ve just kept practicing I could be making mad bill customizing t-shirts and denim for all my friends! Ooooooh well.

Lucky for me I found the cutest embroidered t-shirts online at Urban Outfitters. They came with different designs and “puny” slogans which only made it that much better. I’ve also started noticing that even since GRLFRND started doing custom embroidery designs on denim other major denim labels started offering the same service on their online stores. I’m all about it! Anything custom and that goes well with my basic, everyday uniform (jeans and plain tee) is A-1 in my book. I’ve come to the conclusion that details are everything in an outfit and embroidery has been my detail of choice.


I think when my schedule starts to clear up I’ll tap into my muscle memory and teach myself how to embroider again. A little DIY for ya!

Rolling solo (since Cali is back at UT and all),


P.S. How was everyone's first week back to school?! I think it’s safe to say Cali and I already want to cry...