Frustrations + Solutions


After a busy two weeks of moving into my new apartment and getting used to my new school/ work schedule, I can say I’m finally situated. With so much going on around me, I needed a break from being around so many people and all the craziness. Other than my favorite hobby (aka shopping!), I have an enormous amount of love for staying fit and everything cardio. Pilates, CrossFit, Cycling, hiking, Barre, you name it. It’s not so much the feeling during the workout that I love because really... who likes the feeling as if they are dying?? But once you get in the hang of your little workout routine and get that itty bitty ounce of feeling of pure success when you reach the end of your workout, you get hooked. A little encouragement goes a long way.

With Austin’s wide variety of locations to get some cardio and exercise, my favorite would have to be at no cost: running. Why? Because of the trail by my apartment has an endless view. Plus, running to Frank Ocean’s new album Blond makes it even better. Promise you when I say you’ll run forever that you don’t even realize that you are on your 5th mile. This puppy goes on for foreveeeerrrr. Going through a great trail with a lake for a view and a nature setting just makes running feel so effortless (even with the humidity). Everyone in Austin is very friendly and laid back that you’ll even encounter some people that cheer you on as you go and maybe even throw in a high five as you pass.  Remember our first book recommendation, Moody Bitches? It talks about getting an average of 3-4 miles in a week and it suggests that you run in a green environment. The trees and plants help produce oxygen for you to reduce your stress levels and it makes you a little smarter! Seriously if you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing out on loads full of information. This Austin trail is a great way to de-stress and stay fit. I fully encourage everyone to visit this babe of a view once you’re in the city.


If running is not on the top of your list of things to do once you’re in Austin, there are many things to do on the lake like rowing and paddleboarding. Austin is just a fun, outdoorsy city. Austinites live for the sunny days. To end on an encouraging note, I put together a playlist I feel would get you through your workout. Let me know of any locations or other fitness classes I should try in Austin throughout my semester!


Sweating and not complaining,

Cali :)