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Happy Friday, SEG Readers! We hope you’ve had a lovely week filled with little accomplishments towards your dreams, never stop hustling!

 This week we’d like to step-up our music category game and bestow upon you our first ever “New Music Review.” We haven’t exactly come up with a name for this segment so if you’d like give us some suggestions that would be clutch. We kinda don’t know why it’s taken us so long to start something like this but I think this is more of what we had in mind when decided we were going to have a music category. Hope you still love our playlist though!

 We really do love fashion. Fashion bloggers are what inspired us to start this blog (besides beautiful ladies like yourself) but we both feel like music is embedded in our soul. We survive off of music-- CHEESEY WE KNOW!!!

 So now let's kick it up into high gear with our thoughts on EP’s, albums, singles, etc. that have really caught our attention. Whether it’s because we absolutely love it or because we have something profound to say about it.

 Let us know what you think about this new segment and if you really want us to keep doing more stuff like this.


Prima Donna by Vince Staples (Hip Hop/Rap 2016) | Zoe Gemoets

 In the past month or two, Vince Staples adorned the cover the Fader Magazine and I surprisingly took the time to read the cover story. Before this I had only heard him on a recent Kali Uchis single, Only Girl, but other than that I hadn’t really paid attention to him. I learned quite a few things about Vince Staples that really made me respect him as an up and coming artist-- I got that electric feeling you get when you know you’re going to have a new obsession. Needless to say, I was very pleased when I found out a new EP had debuted.

Prima Donna opens with a cathartic-closet-recorded-track that quickly grabs your attention trying to make out the words only to be followed by a sample of an Andre 3000 verse on “ATLiens”, that commands your attention by both the beat and Andre’s message. This is where I should’ve know that this compilation of work was gonna be goooood, but I kept skeptically analyzing like I always do on a new, first listen (I never like songs on the first listen, it usually takes a few tries). The tracks that follow only build off the strong introduction, but “Prima Donna” and “Loco”-- featuring A$AP Rocky--stand out from the rest. For some reason there’s something about the way these songs remind me of N.E.R.D. Might it be the staccato rhythm? So, anyways, if you haven’t already grabbed your hands on this new Vince Staples, I suggest you do.


Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight by Travis Scott (Hip Hop/Rap 2016) | Xyclali Nunez

 Travis Scott is a crazy performer from videos I’ve seen on social media so when I saw that he released a new album, I had to give it a listen. This dude knows how to get the crowd pumped with his insane crowd surfing and by singing from trees. He recently launched a new merch line that not only consists of clothing, but condoms, toothbrushes and ashtrays (Take a look at his merch here). INSANE. Even the fans who had purchased a carbon copy of his new album were able to snag a piece of their choosing from his line for free. I first discovered Travis Scott a long time ago even before his hit song “Antidote.” The intro to the song “Hell of a Night” is what caught my attention. Just when you get into the soft melody it leads you into some Hip Hop goodness. We love an artist who brings something different to the table; something that we’ve never heard before.

 This year is nothing but banger albums being released. Once I gave Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight a listen, I was a bit disappointed. The songs on the album did not compare to the “Hell of a Night” song I first fell in love with. It seems as if his songs are all written for the money. His vocals are something we all admired from Kanye’s 808’s & Heartbreaks. With a Jamaican sound and catchy lyrics, “pick up the phone” featuring Young Thug would have to be the best off of the album, but of course, that’s just my opinion. After going through the album a second time, the songs all sound the same. My hopes are high for his next album to be similar to his early stuff because that’s when he was in his true element. RIP Travis Scott, but let me know your thoughts!