No girl cannot disagree that they have stolen their boyfriend’s or a guy’s clothes only to wear it themselves. It releases an ounce of satisfaction knowing we can totally pull off their big tee or long-sleeve. Even so, the baggy and oversized look seems like it’s more in-trend than ever. Men’s fashion seems so settle, yet it can make them look so good. Plaid, trousers, the white tees- it almost sounds like a modern 50’s movie!

When Zoe came back from California after experiencing the festival Beach Goth, she saw so many girls pulling off the inspired men’s look. It was almost as if once she told me about the look, I started to see so many girls on Instagram and Pinterest tie in their unique style with baggy trousers, oversized blazers and button up shirts. We thought maybe we’d pull a spin on the look and add in some of our own style. After all, if he can do it, then WOMEN can do it better!

Zoe’s trousers steal the show! It’s a great color to complement the winter days. WIth her edgy style, she included her leather jacket with her many pins to give it more color. A Vans girl can never leave the house without the infamous Sk8-Hi! Zoe knows how to grab a trend and make it her own and that’s one of the great things I love about her.


I immediately started pinning the laidback look only to find that I was inspired more by the business casual look. I love high waisted pants so when I found these trousers, I was so excited! I paired it with a white button up I had in my closet from when I needed it for my band concerts in middle school LOL. I am obsessed with these white sneaks, I left it to my shoes to complete my outfit.

We love capturing locations of El Paso that really contribute to the beauty of our city. H&H Car Wash has been here for more than 50 years and we felt like it would be the best way to highlight some of the hold-in-the-wall places in El Paso people may not know or have forgotten about. The restaurant consisted of bright blue and orange colors with newspaper articles that featured the restaurant. It had this warm feeling with great service making you feel as if you were home. We cannot forget the menudo-- it’s a must-have!

With fast fashion becoming a thing since the rise of social media, what are some of your favorite trends this season? What more do you want to see from our fashion posts? We’re always open to hear what our readers want to see from us! Let us know in the comments below.

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Cali <3