Take Me Inside

It was that time of the year again when our Instagram feeds are flooded with models, over the top street style, close ups of makeup looks, celebrities and big name influencers attending some of the hottest parties in New York, and slow-mos of runway shows. If New York Fashion Week didn’t come to mind, then either you live under a rock or you are completely insane. It is one of the biggest events that happen every year, twice a year.

As an all-around fashion enthusiast, I look forward to these events every year for inspiration and to see what trends we all will be wearing in the coming year. Since I cannot be there in person (hello! School.. sigh), I try to keep up with so many media platforms as possible. It gets overwhelming, but it all fascinates me. From the 10 different outfit changes a blogger goes through a day right down to the detail on the shoes Alexander Wang has his models wearing, I love it all and I hope to work for a fashion label one day as a PR rep.

There is so much that goes on in fashion, no one knows how or where to start. For most of us, once we finally get an invite to one of the NYFW shows we probably feel like we’re officially “in,” but once you’re “in,” sitting in the front row officially means that you are a somebody in the industry. Who wouldn’t want to be recognized? This is where all the top influencers, celebrities, journalists, editors and important fashion people sit. Who wouldn’t want to be in between the Queen of Fashion, Anna Wintour, and Beyonce? Amy Odwell, an editor for The Cut, knows what it feels like to go from not knowing anything about fashion to working for the Style section of the magazine and working her way towards a seat in the front row.

Amy Odell doesn’t jump around what’s it’s like working in fashion, just goes straight and digs in to tell us about her experiences while holding out a ‘CAUTION- Please walk before you run’ type of sign. She describes what it’s like to work with social influencers, editors, journalists and pretty much everyone that influences the market and industry. She even put herself up for a challenge to dress street stylish for a day during NYFW to understand what it’s like to be in these individual’s shoes. It is an outsider’s look on an industry that most of us would love to live in.

Tales From The Back Row’ was such a good book that will make you LOL about her experiences of being interviewed by Anna Wintour to that one time she purchased trend-worthy sweatpants while she was shopping high. It gives some helpful advice about what gets people talking about fashion and how it feels to be an outsider working her way into an ever-changing  industry. I give it a two thumbs up.


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