Piece Of Mind

It’s February!! Which means we’re not only in the greatest month ever (because it contains Zoe’s and my birthday), but it means that we’re one month in of conquering our goals and resolutions that we set at the beginning of the year. Of course, for me, I think resolutions are so cliche, but I did have a goal to focus on myself more and fulfill a healthy lifestyle.

After living in Austin for more than a year, I’ve gotten in the routine of making time to work out everyday. Whether you’re on campus at UT, passing by the trail on the lake or maybe just walking around Downtown Austin, you see so many people jogging around the city or walking their way to their scheduled Barre or Spin class.

There are literally so many locations that consist of working out it’s hard NOT to fit it into your daily routine. They even offer free.. Wait, yes I’m not joking.. FREE classes with instructors that offer their time to give back to the community, like yoga on the rooftop at Whole Foods.


Austin is just that awesome. I’m not telling you to pack your bags and get book a U-Haul to move all your stuff to Central Texas. I’m just saying that with a little motivation from your surroundings, you can get in the groove of getting fit.

This week, I wanted to share my playlist that’s been getting me up in the mornings and helping me through my cardio sesh. Waking up at 7 a.m. to head to the gym is hard, but these songs sure know how to wake me up.

WARNING: This playlist contains a lot of rap music, but that doesn’t mean I am a lowkey thug.




Training for a marathon,

Cali :*