Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

If you're reading this we'd like to give you one giant, virtual hug for reading our first ever blog post! Thenkyewsoooomuuuuccchhhh for supporting us and our dreams. Sooooo, in case you were wondering, a sun eyed girl is a girl who is blinded by the brilliance of someone else compared to the brilliance of the sun. And if you're an audiophile you know Beck mumbles on and on about his sun eyed girl in his song "Girl".

It was only appropriate to name our blog Sun Eyed Girls because we are constantly being inspired by each other and other girls who are probably 2945789430 times more amazing than we are. Walking around campus or the store there's always that one girl who just stands out amongst the rest. Everything about her screams effortlessly chic. She has the best taste in music, reads the coolest books, and is always finding something new and exciting to explore.

We hope you love Sun Eyed Girls as much as we do. Enjoy!


Cali + Zoë


So lately we've been absolutely loving PLUNGING LINES. This trend will easily spice any outfit up whether you want to spend the day with your best gal friends or you feel like going for a night out. The deep v-neck and scoop backs will give your look a bit of an edge and make it fun! Or if you're feeling a bit more on the wild side, why not go full on sexy and show some side-boob!

Not all three at the same time though... Unless you're feeling a little risqué! ;) 


Whatever works for you, just remember to OWN IT! And one thing's for sure, jaws will DROP! 

Awaiting for Spring Break to arrive,


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