More Than You Thought


Happiness. Everyone, if not, the majority of us say we want a future full of happiness, but what does that really mean? We have a mindset of working hard till we find the perfect career and then we’ll be happy. Why can’t we be happy while we are living through the stages of finding our career, being in school or becoming successful? If we remained positive throughout the good, the bad and the ugly, maybe the worse situations in life wouldn’t be so bad at all? The greatest thing to take from “the ugly” is how we became the person we are today and how it can help us in future situations. Figuring out the next step in life and focusing on the stress can be a huge sidetrack from all of the opportunities that are being thrown at us. So, it’s clear. If we feel like we're stressing or we're not motivated enough, we need to change the way we think, right? Wrong. Happiness is not about the need to change, but the realization that we CAN change. So, I know what you’re thinking-- how do we get some of that positivity sunshine to radiate all over us? I have found the answer.


This month’s read was all about finding your inner strength to live a full, healthy life. “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor is a well-written and researched book on the seven principles of positive psychology. It’s a spoonful of information to get you on the track to persevere on the days that we feel are dragging us by the feet. Shawn Achor really hit the nail on the head on how happiness fuels success and not vice versa. We all know that one person who seems to be glowing throughout anything (even if a zombie apocalypse were to happen) and we all feed off of their energy. They might be crazy, but those type of people who stay up seem to be more productive, engaged, creative and all the other things that get our juices flowing.


After reading this book, I noticed how harsh I am with myself, which leads me to stress about everything. It was kind of crazy how I found this book at work one day while I was cleaning out some drawers, but it was a huge message to me and for anybody who reads it that life is a miraculous gift we were given and we should live everyday with meaning. It has motivated me to get so much done and I’m excited for what’s to come. Why should we wait till after we have reached success to become productive? YOLO.


Motivated to write my own novel,

Xyclali <3