Sweet Pain

If you’ve met me, you would have noticed by now that I’m considered a giant in El Paso, but really I am only 5’8 ft tall. To be honest it sucks during the times when I wear heels on a special occasion and can overlook everyone. I stick out like a sore thumb when I go to church for Christmas mass and I promise you I feel as if the priest is talking straight to me even sitting from the back row. Or the times I get on the dancefloor at weddings and see everyone as if they are all ants dancing around me the cha-cha slide. Okay I might be exaggerating, but having that little added heel makes a world of difference and everyone loves that little pep in their step from feeling two inches taller. We constantly face the challenge of finding the perfect shoe that doesn’t have our feet ache by the end of the night.


This season some of the craziest shoes are coming in that define height and comfort. It’s almost a dream come true for those who weren’t blessed with height and for those who have the height but aim for some shoe comfort. Thank Flatforms. The shoe that brings out the fun in summer. It can be perfect to pair with a summer dress or a simple off-the-shoulder blouse with jean shorts. Dress them up or dress them down, you can count on flatforms to get you through your day without the pain.


I was on the hunt for some cute strappy sandals for the Neon Desert Music Festival to stay comfy throughout the entire fest when I came across these at H&M. By the end of the night after a long day and night of dancing and walking, my feet were free from the pain. I had no problems whatsoever. Now, I’m considering switching all of my dull sandals for the chunky block heeled look. They basically go with everything for the summer.

Shop the shoe below for the styles that fit your persona:

New Look Cross Strap Flatform

SixtySeven Echos Iridescent Espadrille Flatform Sandals

Mango Colourblock Flatform Sandal

Sam Edelman Henley Suede Flatform Sandals

Bamboo Double Band Lug Sole

Crisscross Lug Sole

Wanted Mello Pewter

There are tons of styles for some added fashion and comfort. Summer is meant for taking risks and enjoying those long nights out with close friends. So like we've said before in our Shades of Cool post, let the shoes do all the talking this season.

Walking in style,

Cali <3